06 April 2008

Feast from the Past

The following took place on 31 December 2007.

Here's what my family and I ate on New Year's Eve:

We started the evening off with homemade mini-meatball pizza. It also had bell peppers.

I made baguettes the day before so we could have great day-old bread for the fondue.

This is the table where the majority of the snacks were placed. To the left, on another table we also had mini-wienies with a great homemade barbecue sauce that my mom made. I think my brother helped make it, too.

From the top: Peanut butter-fudge cups, tortilla pizzas, and no-knead bread for dipping in olive oil or eating plain.

We always make tortilla pizzas each year, but the peanut-fudge cups and no-knead bread were new to the line-up.

The peanut-fudge cups had a peanut butter crust and a fudgy chocolate filling, which had a deep, chocolaty taste without being too strong. The peanut butter crust added a subtle flavor and helped to keep the sweetness level at bay. Overall, it wasn't too sweet. If you make these, start early because it did take longer than it seems.

The topping for the tortilla pizzas consists of mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, chopped red onions, green onions, green peppers, and minced garlic, seasoned with basil, kosher salt, and black pepper.

The fondue is also a yearly tradition that my dad makes. This year, he used gruyere and jarslberg cheese. It also pairs well with Granny Smith apples and pears.

When the clocks struck midnight and the ball dropped, we popped a non-alcoholic bottle of champagne that I forgot to take a picture of. It was dry and tart, not too sweet. I enjoyed it because I don't really care for uber sweet drinks. (It also explains why I like sparkling mineral water without thinking that it needs high fructose corn syrup. =D)

This is the snack table with the candles lit. Very pretty.

New Year's Day, courtesy of my dad. ^,^



  1. Wow! i wish I could have celebrated New Years with you! All of that food looks delicious, but especially that pizza.Do you have a recipe? I love that you are such an avid runner, and also love to cook. Thanks for coming to my blog!

  2. Wow is right. I'm really, really hungry right now. I think everything looks good. I'm eyeing that pizza and the fudge cups though.

  3. Those peanut butter fudge cups look great, do you have a recipe? I want some!

  4. Anticiplate - I'll post the recipe for the pizza crust on Monday. It's one of the best recipes I've used and it replicates a crust from some of the best pizzerias.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Emiline - Oddly enough, this was only the second time I've made the fudge cups though I really liked it the first time. Who knows why that is!

    Sam - The recipe is from Cooking Light, but I'm going to make them again and post it and the recipe on Thursday.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. I second Emiline...pizza and fudge cups look crazy good!

  6. racecat!!! i had no idea this was you! damn.

  7. Wow....peanut butter fudge cups...yum. O_O Also, that bread looks gorgeous!! I'm coming by you next news years. All I made was pretzels....
    Can't wait for those recipes!

  8. an absolutely wonderful read! thanks, Aaron


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