29 April 2008

Weekend Dinner Wrap-Up

I didn't take a picture of Saturday's dinner, but Sunday dinner more than made up for it.

My brother helped my mom make an ancho chili sauce to cover the pork. Basically, it's a very simple sauce to make and makes you wonder why you used anything else.

After marinating the pork for a few hours, it was then cooked on low for another few hours until it's so tender that it falls apart with a gentle prodding of a fork. The pan sauce? It was incredible. We ate the pork in burritos with black beans, the ancho pork sauce, and lettuce in very warm flour tortillas.




  1. Yum! This looks delicious. I love pork and black beans. Sooooo satisfying!

  2. I love pork! Great wrap there. I also love running. I've added you to my blog list on my cooking blog. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. That looks so so good, I absolutely love slow roast pork.

  4. mmm...that makes me hungry! It seems very close to carne asada.


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