16 April 2008

Delicious Design Studio

There are many different aspects of having a foodie blog, and one of those is to make your blog look as good as your food pictures do. I came across the Delicious Design Studio website from another blog, Quirky Cupcake. If you are in need of sprucing up your blog's looks, this site would be a great way to find answers to your questions. On the site, it has links to blogs that DDS has worked on and a page where you type in your information about updates and ideas for you blog and can receive a quote as well as other relevant information. Give it a look!

They also have a contest running that began on the 13th and ends on the 19th. The blog that generates the most traffic back to their site wins a "full blog package", and second place wins a custom header for their blog. Either one is greatly needed, as I'm just learning about web design and stuff, so please help me out by clicking on their link after you finish reading this.






  1. Cool! I'm going to check it out.

  2. I am ALWAYS looking for tips on how to make my rather drab blog look just a little better.


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