13 April 2008

This and That

Just a quick running update. I have a race on 3 May that I'm going to enter (added bonus of being a great foodie stop, too!), so I've been running. Yup. I'm not quite sure how this race will be, but I'll figure that out later. I've also been doing power yoga.

Updates to my blog:

A) I recently joined with Foodbuzz, a Foodie group. Their website is full of many foodies, their recipes, restaurant reviews, and other interesting stuff. The fact that Foodbuzz is a meca of foodies from all over is an a thought that's mind-boggling. I knew they were out there, but seeing it all together is amazing, as the Daring Bakers blogroll is.

Joining with Foodbuzz means that I get a bit of money based on each hit to my blog. I figured that, although I didn't start my blog with any monetary intention in mind, it was an added bonus that may possibly help defray a few foodie excursions and the like. So be nice and keep coming back -- I can't live by bread alone!

B) I figured out how to make expandable posts. The downside is that I wasn't able to use the exact one I wanted (peekaboo posts, which expand the post on the main page, i.e., you'll stay on the main page the entire time). The other downside is that "read more" will appear on every post, regardless of if there isn't anymore to read. To make up for that, on any post where there isn't more to read you'll find: (EoP), which stands for "End of Post". Always in red.




  1. Hey, you figured out the expandable post thing. Good for you. I have no idea how to do that.
    Congrats on Foodbuzz! It's like we're all part of community.

  2. Thanks for stopping by at my blog a while back. I am now back in the saddle, and am looking forward to checking out your blog more often especially if if makes you some dough.

  3. I'm thinking of joining FoodBuzz and was wondering how is it working out for you?
    I have the contract that sent me, did you print it, sign it and scan it to email it back to them?


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