05 September 2008

Muffins for Lunch

After seeing Adam's post for PB&J Muffins, I knew I would have to make it the very next day. Which is today.

I probably filled the cups with too much batter before I added a dollop of jelly, but it made the tops look pretty.

When you see a recipe, sometimes you contemplate making it because you aren't sure whether or not the end results will be to your satisfaction. Not so with these. See, I like making grilled pb&honey sandwiches because the combination of the warm and crunchy bready outtards combine with the warm and gooey peanut butter and honey and it makes one heck of a stellar sandwich. This is the muffinized version of that.

The only change I made was using regular peanut butter instead of natural peanut butter because I didn't have any left. Maybe that was why the peanutty taste wasn't as pronounced. It seemed to blend in with the whole wheat flour for an all-around nuttiness, it just didn't stand out as being peanut butter. I do think that regular pb tastes waxier than its natural counterpart, so I'm going with that theory.

Speaking of which, the amount of whole wheat made these rather substantial without feeling like a stone in your stomach. It makes for a perfect addition to lunch.


  1. :) Glad you liked the muffins. That last pic says the whole story... the muffin is practically smiling at us. Good idea with the honey, maybe we should try adding some...

  2. yes yes, I will be making these too!


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