05 September 2008

Corn Cakes, My Way

The corn cakes at IHOP left me with such a good impression that I attempted to replicate it at home. I adjusted my favorite pancake recipe, made the batter a little sweeter, and ate it with molasses (I forgot I had regular syrup, but molasses is a nice when paired with corn cakes).

The finished cakes were light, taller, and fluffier than IHOP's were, but I probably needed to add more cornmeal, more sugar, and liquid if I wanted mine to be exactly like theirs, but I'm fine with my adaption. The batter tasted really great, too!



  1. Your version of the corn cakes look MUCH better than IHOP's!! Yum.

  2. I'm thinking the reason your cakes are taller and fluffier, are probably because you are more awesome than IHOP. You could call your store IRUN... whoops that was BAD

  3. VeggieGirl - Thanks :)

    Adam - That's right, I'm EPIC!
    Bwaha, IRUN, lol.

    Ben - I used about a 4:1 ratio of all-purpose flour to cornmeal, though I found that I had to increase the flour more to get the proper consistency.

  4. score one for the kitchen! :)


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