12 September 2008

Leftover Cookies

The title is a bit misleading. You see, apparently I make cookie dough, cook around a dozen, then put the remaining dough in the fridge or freezer for later. The cookies in the front, flourless peanut-chocolate cookies, to which I didn't add the peanuts and used coconut instead, were from the weekend, while the oatmeal-coconut-cherry chip cookies were from a few months ago. Oops!

Surprisingly enough, the oatmeal cookie dough didn't suffer from freezer burn or anything, so it baked up well. The peanut cookies are my go-to recipe when I want something sweet, fast, though I've made it so often that it's getting old. Still delicious, though.




  1. Yup - I'm in love with a good cookie!


  2. Look at all of those cookies! YUM!

  3. I do the same thing with my cookie dough. I form it into little balls and freeze them; that way I can pull out just a few to bake when I feel like it.

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  5. Hmmm... flourless cookies? Now that's something I need to look into.


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