09 February 2010

Sugar Colts Cookies

Part one of the Super Bowl posts begins with Colts cookies. I found the picture of the logo online, resized it, printed it off, and once cut out used it to trace the cookies. I don't make sugar cookies very often, and I'll explain why, but we really got into this year's Super Bowl and I wanted to actually make something centered around the Colts, and what better way to do that then by making cookies.

The downside to making sugar cookies is that you never finish cutting cookies out. No matter how many scraps you regather and roll, no matter how many shapes you cut out, THERE IS STILL DOUGH LEFT, like it multiplies as it shrinks! These in particular were rather painstaking because the shape was obnoxious and I could only cut out 1-3 per sheet of dough. After two dozen, I called it quits (make a reference to the game and I'll break your internet). There is still dough in the fridge that will be there forever.

The next part came the decorating, which was completed in three steps: outlining, flooding, and piping. None of this really took too much time, and I wasn't the only one flooding the cookies with blue icing so it went by rather quickly, except for the part where we were fighting over the spoon for the icing until we got two more spoons and realized we love each other after all and put aside our differences.

Like I said about the dough, you never use up all of the icing, and because it's royal I feel like I'm wasting it more than I do with pedestrian buttercream. In fact, I've kept icing for a long time in the fridge, it's like a joke, "I'll use it next holiday!" only to scream when I'm trying to find a tiny container and realize they're all filled with royalties. But this time, as I was so freaking sick of sugar (I went through 2 1/2 pounds of confectioners' sugar this weekend), I threw it all out without any remorse. I even threw some away that was leftover from the gingerbread house! Go me!

The end result, as it usually always is, was more than worth it. Or maybe I'm just telling myself this over and over again for the next time I make sugar cookies. I don't know, but these are pretty cool cookies, and unlike the Saints logo (which can be used as a makeshift spear and doesn't do much for bringing people together) you can use these for games during the party. Beat THAT.

Recipes used:

Sugar Cookie Cutouts by Martha Stewart (Cookies can be made a few days ahead and stored, covered, until ready to decorate)

Royal Icing by Joyofbaking.com (I adjusted the amount of confectioners' sugar to make it thick enough to pipe, then I thinned it out with water)



  1. Maybe you should send a couple of these to Peyton. They might cheer him up.

  2. These are too cute! I definitely agree with you on the extra sugar cookie dough thing. Every time I make them I have an odd amount left over in the freezer...


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