08 February 2010

pity cookie post


I have a series of posts related to our little Super Bowl party eats, and although I never was going to blog about it today, it's depressing because my team lost. So I will talk briefly about the cookies I made last week.

As a runner, it's important to have cookies. It's a necessary edible to have on hand because it makes the most delicious post-run refueling I've ever eaten, next to a packet of ramen after a long run. These are the Cook's Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen thick and chewy recipe, though I've decided they don't stay chewy for much longer than a day and I think it's because they're baked at a lower temperature and for longer. Yeah, whatever I said before, I think taking them out of a 350° oven a bit before completely baked (which would be around 10-12 minutes) and letting them rest for 10 minutes on the baking sheet is a better bet for chewy longevity.


Instead of chocolate chips, these are made with toasted coconuts and slivered almonds, and white chocolate chips instead of chocolate.

That's all.



  1. Speaking of the Super Bowl, I found it curious that you didn't have any foods tailored for a Super Bowl party like burgers, pizza or wings, but now I have my answer.

  2. Oh, these look delicious!
    I'm not a runner, but I still think it's important to have cookies on hand. :)

  3. those cookies look yummy! sorry your team lost.

    my team won :) (sorry, I do like mannning but I'm from New Orleans!)

  4. I love the flavors in this cookie. Nice creation!

  5. Jogger ~ Yes, I have a few reasons I don't pre-blog about events or holidays, though if I got my act together I could.

    Caitlyn ~ Thanks!
    This is true. I can think of a number of reasons why a cookie at hand is needed. And when it comes to knitting, we'll spear the cookie with the needle so our hands won't get dirty.

    Heather ~ That's alright, you'll appreciate tomorrow's post. =P

    Maria ~ Thank you!

  6. This used to be my favourite recipe until I tried the one from NYT! I make it with all purpose flour instead of the bread/cake mix to keep it simple. It doesn't have quite the chew, but it's still delicious and better than CI's thick and chewy. I acutally find that my chocolate chip cookies get softer the next day and it drives me crazy! I usually have to store them out in the open without putting them in a box so they stay drier. Personally.. well at least in my oven because I've tried baking cookies at 325, 335 and 350, I think 335 is the best because 350 produces cookies that are too dry.


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