04 February 2010

Moeben Running Sleeves Review


And I now switch gears to somewhat of a running-related post, where I talk about running gear and nothing about my own running! I received two pairs of Moeben Running Sleeves a few days ago and took them for a run to test them out. Moeben sleeves were created by Shannon Farar-Griefer, an ultra marathoner, philanthropist, wife, and mother to protect your arms from just about everything the weather will throw at you without needing a jacket. The cool part is that some of the sleeves come with UV protection, which is the variety I chose to test out. You'll also find a line of bamboo and hemp as well as fleece sleeves for colder weather, all coming in creative and eye-catching designs.

While I'm not going to be out in the elements for more than a few hours anytime soon, I do have a problem with overdressing when it comes to winter running. I was really interested to see how the fleece sleeves would work during a run, if I'd feel comfortable or if I'd overheat, if I felt it offered good wind and cold protection more so than a jacket. Weight-wise, they don't feel much thicker than the poly-lycra version.

So I tried them on (inside the house) and the fleece felt very comfortable against my skin, and really nice because it instantly kept me warm (I wear lightweight jackets inside) without having to layer up or wear long sleeve shirts. Instant plus. The one downside is that apparently I am way too scrawny so my upper arm, bicep/tricep, area didn't quite fill out the sleeves... But it's a testament to the quality of Moeben that they still stayed up. Even when I did...



Anyway, Moeben sleeves were designed to keep you warm in the cold, and cool in the heat, and the fleece version can be dipped in water and worn on hot days to help cool you down even more. I often start off yogaing wearing a long-sleeve shirt, taking it off after I warm up, though I felt comfortably cool and warm all at the same time when I wore these. Don't worry, I'm about to go outside.


Each sleeve comes with a handy pocket for a gel, or perhaps some cash in case you need to make a fuel stop. I don't think the logo is reflective, though given that these were intended for trail running more than road running it makes sense. It would still be a nice element to see in the future.


And we're off! Without a jacket! In 30° weather! Though there wasn't much wind. Wearing one of each sleeve (leopard, thin sleeve, and giraffe, fleece sleeve), I set off for an easy run of 4 miles, just something light to gauge the sleeves. I felt really comfortable the entire time, whereas usually when I wear a jacket or long-sleeves I end up pushing them up midway. It was snowing slightly and both sleeves held up to the flakes without my skin feeling damp underneath, though if it had been any windier the fleece sleeves would be the obvious choice to run in.

So far, I'm impressed. I'm not suggesting everyone throw out their shirts for a pair of Moebens, but these would really be a good investment. The instructions for washing are simple, too, just hand wash, rinse, and hang over the shower to dry.


You didn't think I'd let a post go by without mentioning the kitchen, did you? Yes, Moeben would make an excellent culinary investment, as well. It can get hot in there, and you really can't afford to get out. Oil splatters? No problem, you're covered! You'll look better than the food, too.

Thanks again to Shannon for letting me test these out! A really great product that's made right here in the USA, and a portion of every Moeben sale is donated to charity. Definitely a worthwhile purchase in more than one way.

Now I'm off to do some YOGA for arms from Yoga Is Yummy to fill these out. :look:


  1. I would look so hot in those cheetah prints... shirtless of course!
    They look like they would be very beneficial for cold weather running, keep us updated on how you like them.
    BTW are you left handed or are you so cool that you can pull off the watch on the right hand :P

  2. The cheetah print ones remind me of some cheetah print fabric I once sew over one of my sleeves (back in my street punk rock days, ha ha)

    I wonder if these would be beneficial for fencing too?

  3. Hey, Christina, I know this guy who posted a blog a couple weeks ago about push-ups. Maybe you should look into it, so you can fill out your sleeves...

  4. BTW, diggin' the Sennheiser headphones.

  5. Jogger ~ :iggy:

    Stiles ~ :look:

    Joel ~ They have a pair in white, it maybe wouldn't contrast against paleness as much. =D

    And I'm cool.

    Gluster ~ Haha, nice!
    These are definitely beneficial for more activities than just running. Even if you're just spending a day in the sun, these would be awesome.

    Greg ~ But push-ups make me feel like a wimp, whereas I've always been decent at yoga, for whatever reason. I never did make it past week 4.

  6. Haha. I love it! There are so many uses for these! You look very stylish.

  7. So jealous! I've been trying to buy the leopard ones from Zombie Runner but they're out of stock. If you decide they don't fit and you want to sell them, I'm definitely interested in buying...


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