15 October 2009

hot dog buns

expanding dough

Yesterday I made hot dog buns for bratwursts. I used the same dough as I used to make hamburger buns a while ago. (Looking at that post, I can't believe I'm even posting this as the pictures really aren't very great in comparison.)

mini baguette-ish rolls

I shaped these almost like you would a baguette and they seemed to hold their shape well enough after rising.

ready to eat

The only change to the recipe was to replace a half cup of the water for milk since I didn't use dry milk powder, though it still tastes really great and shows the excellent versatility of this recipe. The taste is outstanding and you won't get that straw-like consistency you have with store-bought buns.


Here's my almost but not quite Chicago-style bratwurst.

I will be submitting this to YeastSpotting.



  1. Home-made buns definitely beat store bought for miles (running joke?). Sorry, that was bad.

  2. hello Christina ,
    If you like French creative cuisine come and see my blog you are very welcome and the last recipe is in english ! see you then !!
    Cheers Pierre

  3. Yum! Both the buns and brat look so good!

  4. Mmmmm...those hotdog buns look delicious!

  5. I so love a girl who makes her own buns and burger rolls! My family thought I was insane the first time I made homemade hamburger buns! ;)

  6. I used your hamburger bun recipe when you posted it awhile ago and loved it! I don't plan on making hot dogs anytime soon, but if I do I will be using this recipe.

  7. Home made bread is always better than store bought, these look especially good!

  8. Jessica ~ I laughed! I think the whole explanation and the sorry part made it funnier, lol!

    Pierre ~ Thanks, Pierre.

    Mimi ~ They were!

    Cathy ~ Thanks!

    How To Eat A Cupcake ~ BWAHAHAHAAHAH!

    I bet your family doesn't think you're insane any more.

    Justin ~ Awesome, glad to know you liked it!

    Sam ~ I couldn't agree more.


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