22 October 2009

my daily bread

baked bread

This bread comes from the best book ever, The Bread Book. My brother picked it up from the library years ago and it was a household hit. Whenever I get around to making it (which ranges from all the time to never...), it replaces store bought sandwich bread.

daily loaf

Called "light whole wheat bread", technically this recipe has around a 3-1 ratio of white bread flour to whole wheat, though I use half of each. Starting with a sponge, which the recipe description says adds more flavor, lends a better texture, and something else, the bread then proceeds in typical break-making fashion with the kneading, rising, shaping, rising, baking, and eating.

bread innards

A tight-but-light crumb with a soft, chewy, and nutty flavor perfect for sandwiches, toast, or just spread with butter and/or jam. This is the kind of loaf that comes to mind when you think of homemade bread, as it's just a perfect "regular" bread to be kept around at all times. The extra loaves can be frozen, wrapped, until you need them

I'll post the recipe later since the book isn't in sight.

empty bread pans



  1. Oh man, don't forget! I'm going to remember this bread for sometime in the future. Looks wonderful!

    I have problems with bread baking. It usually ends up too dense.

  2. Wow! This looks completely beautiful! I'm super impressed :)


  3. Emmmm! I can't wait till we actually move and unpack in WA cause I have had my bread books all packed up from our last move!

  4. Em ~ It's def a learning curve. I remember when I first started making bread it oftentimes would be dense, or it would spread too much, but after repeatedly making bread, learning about different techniques, I got a handle on it and can turn out a decent loaf.

    You'd really have fun with bread, so try and make at least one loaf a week or something!

    Not Martha ~ Thanks so much!

    Val ~ I believe every house a person moves into needs to be christened with bread baking!


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