22 September 2007

Randomness and Peach Salsa

This is the post where I put pictures of foods I have eaten but didn't give a separate post. And a running update at the end.

Stellar peach salsa with homemade pita chips. The recipe, which I will include, is really simple and very versatile with the ingredients. There wasn't any single flavor, but rather it was as salsa should be, which is all the flavors melding and complimenting each other. Even the skeptics ("Okay, what should I pretend the peaches are?") were highly impressed.

This has to be the best snack I ever bought. It's coconut-flavored rice crackers from my local oriental market where I buy my rice from. It cost 79¢ for a 5 oz. bag. The texture of the rice isn't like regular rice cakes, which can be chewy. Rather, these were thoroughly crispy. I could taste the coconut because I've eaten unsweetened coconut before and made a note of the flavor, otherwise it might not taste much like it if you're used to sweet coconut. There is sugar, just not very much (it's listed in the ingredients list but not in the nutrition facts under "sugar"). The square-like crackers has a powdery coating that makes it not entirely eat-in-the-car-while-you-should-be-driving friendly, though if you don't care about that, or the fact it might get all over the car if one isn't careful, I swear it's better than chips and you should get it, because this was on the verge of sweet and seemingly savory without a salty taste.

What you see there is exactly what you think it is -- a hunk of beef. This was just seasoned and rubbed with a little tomato paste (I think), then cooked over low heat with a little water added for a couple of hours. The result was a tender, falling apart-as-you-cut-it chunk of beef with very flavorful beef broth. Perfect taco filling with warm corn tortillas with salsa verde on top.

**Running Update**

I've been doing the 5 minutes running, 2 1/2 walking x4 this past week, but on Wednesday I started getting a bit discouraged at the whole thing. Sooo... On Friday I decided to give my ego a boost and just run 3 miles. And I mean run, well, slow jog, basically I'm not walking. I finished 23 seconds over 30 minutes. That's pretty good for not running in four months, though this wasn't about the time, I was just letting myself know I still have it and I'm not terribly far off from where I was.

I might run today, though I might not. If I don't today I will tomorrow, back to my regularly scheduled run.

Print this recipe

Peach Salsa
Recipe by Christina Provo

Ingredients -

3 large peaches, peeled, pitted, chopped
1/4 c. finely diced red bell pepper (I used green)
1/4 c. chopped red onion (I used white)
2 TB fresh lime juice
2 TB chopped fresh cilantro (I forgot the cilantro but it didn't ruin it)
1 jalapeno pepper, seeded (minced is optional)
(I added a can of rinsed black beans)
salt and pepper to taste

Directions -
  1. Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl and serve immediately (or can be refrigerated up to 2 days).

Possible Uses:
-spoon over grilled fish or shrimp or sauteed w/ scallops
-spoon over toasted baguette slices w/ cream cheese or goat cheese
-use w/ chips as a dip!

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