07 September 2007

Art Beat Fooding, Part 1

I'm splitting this between two posts because I can't do cuts.

Beignets, gelato, pizza, and mini desserts. Lovely dinner!

First stop was the Chicory Cafe for their beignets and gelato. It was really busy due to the Art Beat and it was open mic. Whoever the two guys were, they sang really well.

Side entrance

Part of the menu

First things thing first, I got one of the last tables there and then took come pictures of the gelato case.

See the third section on the top to the right? Spiced something Fig.
I think the middle is honey.

Right side. The Kiwi Lime sorbetto must be a favorite. I'll try it next time.

I decided to start with beignets. An order consist of three small pieces with a blizzard of powdered sugar for $1.75. For me, it was just the right amount so as to avoid the rolling-out-of-my-chair effect.

Order's up! They bring it to your table for you.

Dip each bite in powdered sugar for sweetness.

The beignet featured crunchy outtards, with nice, chewy, doughy, holey innards. Great mouth feel, but not sweet. I actually liked the fact that the dough wasn't sweet. However, I wanted sweetness so I dipped each bite in the powdered sugar. Perfect and not too sweet! Oh, they make them to order and these weren't greasy. (More about that in a later post.)


An empty feeling came over me. :(

Now it was time for gelato. The taste of the Spiced Something Fig was good, but as I didn't feel like anything with spice I ordered the White Chocolate Raspberry. A small, about 4 oz, was $2.50.

To-go cup of White Chocolate Raspberry

Their was a pleasant tartness but not very strong raspberry taste. I remember having the Häagen-Dazs raspberry sorbet and it had an intense raspberry flavor. As in milk chocolate, where the milk sort of dulls the chocolate-ness, the same could be said for gelato. I SAY NO! I also tasted ice crystals in a few of the bites. The white chocolate, though, was really... not like white chocolate. It had a salty-ish taste and the texture was a bit gluey, as if mixed with something to keep it from freezing. I tried to stay away from it but a little was involuntarily mixed with the raspberry bites, and it was overpowering the raspberry flavor. I would not get this again.

I can't comment on the texture because I don't really know what the consistency of good gelato should taste like. This was creamy, though.

Part 2 coming up.

Chicory Cafe
105 East Jefferson Blvd
Suite 103
South Bend, IN 46601


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