13 September 2007

Blueberry Doughnuts and Wannabes

On Labor Day, I went over to the Blueberry Festival because they have homemade blueberry doughnuts. The ice cream was not homemade or I would also have gotten that.

The entrance from the neighborhood

After walking around for one minute, I located the doughnut booth.


I tried to get a picture of the doughnut-making machine, but one of the ladies in the front had a minor freak-out so I wasn't able stand there and try to get a good picture. Hey lady, thanks for nothing.

If my memory is working properly, a dozen was around $8.

I couldn't wait to get home to try one, so I didn't. The doughnuts were fresh, which means it was very soft and hadn't completely set yet. I could still tell it was moist and cakey, but unlike some cake doughnuts it wasn't overly dense (even after it set it still wasn't too dense). One of my issues with it was that when you bit into it, grease oozed out. You could kind of taste greasiness. If you smushed it between your fingers, you could see it. (It wasn't as bad as it could have been, just a subtle essence of grease that didn't detract... Well, it did detract because I couldn't help but notice it and talk about it this much.) The other issue was the flavor. It wasn't so sweet that it stuck with you for hours and sapped all traces of moisture from your mouth, but it lacked any discernible blueberry taste. Did I mention it's a blueberry doughnut? I have? It didn't taste like it. Liars. They lied to me, they're a liar!

A good doughnut, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get more. Those blueberry bits are a mockery.

The other day, I had half of Krispy Kreme's blueberry cake doughnut. Oh boy, it was the polar opposite! In both looks and taste. Overly sweet, horrid artificial blueberry taste that sticks with you until you brush your teeth or eat something savory, and just nasty. So if you want a blueberry doughnut, don't go to Krispy Kreme unless you care not about moisture-sucking sweet artificialness.

**Running Update**

My run/walk went a bit smoother this time, very enjoyable. I'm keeping a close watch over how my leg feels because I'm overly paranoid. (It has a dull throb a few hours after, but it might be from working it out again.)

Besides running, I'm trying to learn how to do a handstand. (If you read the last post you'll know why I'm banning myself from doing it inside until I have control over it.) I'm coming along, even made it up for 2 seconds on Tuesday. I wonder if that's why my lower back hurts a bit.

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