11 March 2012

Week 2 - Training Recap

The theme for week two was WIND. Every single day I went out, it was extremely windy. I either had to succumb and walk, or run a longer route to avoid running into the wind for as long as possible. I also didn't run proper paces for any run but my tempo and long run, for no reason other than I was angry and didn't feel like controlling it. It wasn't terribly fast or anywhere close to tempo pace, but not what it should have been.

Monday -
5.5 miles (breathing issues came up, so I had to walk half mile before I was able to run again)

Wednesday -
6.5 miles (I ralked 1.5 miles of this because I started off too fast and died when faced with 30mph wind gusts)

Thursday -
6.4 miles, 3 at tempo pace (this really surprised me - based on the two previous runs, I didn't have high hopes. However, I surpassed my low expectations by running the tempo miles at 7:43, 7:34, and 7:19, respectively. Not consistent splits, I know; I think I kept speeding up thinking I was compensating for the wind.)

Saturday -
10 miles, progression (I felt very comfortable during this entire run and was energetic during the hilly portion. I haven't run 10 miles since forever - or the last time I trained for a half - yet it felt fine. I didn't bring any water or energy supplements, though my plan is to bring one during my upcoming 11-miler.)

Total - 28.4

Overall, I'm fine with how this week played out. Minus the first two runs, I did well and stuck to the plan. I'm somewhat encouraged by the tempo and long run. I still think I can't breathe well in the wind. We need to quit relying so much on corn, dig up the cornfields, and plant more trees.

I'm continuing to do yoga twice a week, and the hundred pushups challenge three times a week. Since I haven't done any push ups since the last time I tried this challenge, I began my program in the easy column. Already, I'm having to repeat day 1 from week 2. I'm planning on quitting before completion if I feel like I'm at risk for developing Madonna arms.

As for yoga, I can tell I'm developing better balance, strength, and flexibility. Many members of the running community are quick to say that stretching doesn't benefit running at all, but I always feel better when I'm stretched out - my stride feels fluid, I don't feel stiff, and I seem to recover better. However, I'm not stretching before or after running, just when I do yoga.

Here's to hopping the wind dies down this week.


  1. I feel like this post is just proof that you never know what's going to happen until you get out there....I'll have really awesome long runs and then the WORST short runs. It makes no sense, but I think it's how you power through that makes you a better runner! Awesome job this week!

  2. If anything, it has shown me that I can't take each bad run too seriously. The long runs are definitely more encouraging anyway, and if those started going bad I would be more worried.



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