04 March 2012

Week 1 - Training Recap

Week one is in the books! I ran each run as planned, minus the tempo that I felt was inaccurate due to the heavy wind, and the recovery the next day that I ran a little faster than I meant to.

Monday -
5 miles, easy

Wednesday -
5 miles, 3 at tempo

Thursday -
6 miles, recovery

Saturday -
9 miles, progression

Total - 25

Simple enough week. I do pretty well running four days a week, and it doesn't tire me out much. It's still low, but it's doable because I'm not planning on going over 30 mpw for this training cycle.

Types of runs I'm incorporating into my training plan

Easy - You all know what this is. However, I'm varying my easy days by running some and the faster end of my easy pace, whereas my recovery runs should be closer to the higher end.

Tempo - Right now I'm just running 3 miles at tempo pace, which is fine for me. I might contemplate adding another mile during the peak weeks, but I'm waiting to see how I get through these next four weeks.

Recovery - Self explanatory. The only difference is that I moved this run the day after my tempos instead of the day before my long runs.

Progression long runs - I've been having issues running my long runs at the proper pace, i.e., slow. I have this fear that if I don't maintain a somewhat faster pace, I won't be able to run fast during a race. Dumb way to think. Enter: Progression. What I do is split the long run up into segments, like 3-3-2 for an 8-miler, 4-3-2 for a 9-miler, and so on. I run the first segment at the higher end of my slow pace, second at the middle, and last segment at the lower end of slow pace. This breaks up the distance mentally, as well, because it's not all one long stretch and I'm constantly waiting until the next segment to speed up.

Rest days - Save for Sundays, my rest days during the week are "running rest days" aka cross training weeks. I've been doing yoga, and have just started the One Hundred Pushups Challenge again. Hopefully I'll stick to it this time because it's part of a preexisting formal training plan.

That's it! I'm hoping the wind settles down next week so I can attempt a proper tempo. I'm curious to see if I can run the pace myself when I'm not pushed by the wind.


  1. Solid week - nice work. I love progression runs. They are one of my favorite workouts.

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