06 February 2011

got it done.

Today was warmer than it has been for at least 2 weeks (30 degrees with minimal wind), so I took advantage of it and got my run in, just in time to watch guys compete with feats of athleticism while the rest of us glutton out. The snow was falling and there was accumulation, though fortunately the snow remained compact enough to run without losing traction. I sort of feel good for having done it. At the same time, I feel like I wouldn't really care if I hadn't (bad sign alert).

Next week I plan to keep my weekly mileage at 20 and increase my long run the following week, aiming for 24-25 miles total. I'm doing alright so far but I'm struggling with motivation. Most of it has to do with this crappy weather. Did you know that last year in February, when the Colts were at the Super Bowl, that there was no fresh snowfall? Yeah, I remember, because I've decided that if I never see snow to this extent again I'll be okay with that. Pretty much I'm just coasting along hoping it'll feel better eventually. I also wish my new running shoes would just hurry up and arrive. My current pair, New Balance 100s, which are trail racing flats, just aren't cutting it in this snow. I need something sturdier in the slush.

Also why this is officially the worst winter ever, I slipped and fell for the first time ever when I ran last Friday. I wasn't even running when it happened. I had slowed to a walk to turn around when I lost traction on the ice and slipped on the side of my hip. There's no bruise and it mildly hurts when pressure is applied. Winter, 1. Christina, 0.

I've decided that I'd like to be maintaining a base of 25 miles per week by the end of April, making sure to vary the mileage of my runs so I'm not going on too many longer runs for my total mileage. When the weather improves and the road remains visible longer than a day, the plan is to incorporate speed work.

What's been the worst part of winter for you?


  1. The worst par of winter has been ice. Don't slip!

  2. You're so brave! I haven't gone for a run outside since the first snowfall. I'm terrified of slipping-- the ice and the windchill have definitely been the worst parts of the winter. Oh and the fact that this season feels like it's never ending!


  3. I did the same thing on Fridays run! I reached the halfway point and like and not thinking about it I tried to turn on a dime which was unsuccessful to say the least. Landed on my side and just laid there for a second thinking "really did that just happen?" Glad you're okay and hang in there we're on the downhill side of winter! I too cannot wait for spring!

  4. The worst part of winter here is SoCal is the wind. It goes NUTS. But yeah, we don't get snow.

  5. Alex - I don't plan on repeating that.

    Ariel - Or, quite possibly, crazy. It really does feel like it wont' end.

    Jordan - Ha, it almost felt like it didn't happen when I fell, too. After I started running again (Garmin was running) I said to myself, "Did you, really?"

    Rose - See, I'd be knocked over. I would like to experience it, though (as long as its warm).


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