03 February 2011

9 degrees, feels like 5.

You may have heard of the ridiculous snowstorm that's been going across the Midwest the past few days. It's definitely put a stop to running since I don't have access to a treadmill, so I got some running in on Monday and Tuesday. Not really much, but my plan is to go back out tomorrow and Saturday or Sunday, finishing the week with 20 miles.

When it comes to training for races I've always kept a loose schedule. In my mind. This kind of helps the bit of me that's type-A keep from becoming overwhelmed with sticking to a schedule even if it's not working, though lately its been more of an excuse to slack off. I don't get to the track much and somehow that translates to not running many tempo runs, either, two things I need to change. Perhaps over the next week I'll figure out a plan for a half marathon that will help me focus better on training.

Concerning the half, I am contemplating running the Holy Half at Notre Dame. I had a great time last year as the weather was wonderful (for April) and the course relatively flat. My time was better than I expected so it left a good impression. Seeing people run in costumes was pretty funny, too, especially when Scooby Doo and someone else sprinted at the beginning and ended up fading into the back of the pack. The Waldo group did well, though! If not here, there's a May half I am considering, but it depends on what the weather decides for April. I've also decided to run the half at Sunburst this year. I've wanted to for a long time but was never in a position to do it, thanks to poor training preparation and also because I never made up my mind soon enough. I have until the end of March to register with early sign up!

My main issue last year was that I started off the year running strong, but didn't reign myself in. I'm not entirely sure what all happened, but over-training was most likely the biggest factor. I will make sure to keep that from happening this year.

How's running going for you guys? Are you dealing with the snow, or are weather conditions good? Any special races coming up?



  1. I'm also working toward a spring half-marathon (in May), and I find it challenging to shift from winter "maintenance" to actual training. I'm in a snowy location too -- Rochester, New York, and I find that speed work and tempo runs are of marginal benefit when I'm running on snow and ice. As such, I tend to log a lot of slow, steady miles through January & February, and work in a tempo run whenever the roads happen to be clear and dry.

    Also, thanks for the orange scone recipe. Terrific!

  2. rest is good! i haven't run since october, and it's totally getting to me... can't wait until i can run again!

  3. The weather is lovely here in southern California, gloat gloat.

    I love races with costumes.

  4. Oh that's exciting! Good luck to you! I'll be cheering for you. I admire that you're going to run a half. I would like to, but I just don't think I have it in me.

  5. It's really not too bad once you get out there. Granted, it's not as cold here, but the windchill was only 8* yesterday. I sure won't be out there in sleet/snow though.

  6. If I lived in Northern Indiana, I would be even further behind in my training. This winter has been tough. I am regretting not choosing to take it easy and avoid training for a longer race this season.

  7. Tom - Man, I think it's even worse up there. I agree that there is no point in doing speed work when the possibility of slipping and getting injured is even greater.

    No problem!

    Shannon - Haha, I had a little too much rest the last few months. Kind of put step back in my training.

    Rose - Yeah, yeah, well... You guys get rains and floods!

    They're fun to watch, for sure.

    Em - Thanks! It took a while before I had it in me, too, heh.

    Jess - It's not so much the cold (which is a big part of it) as it is the slush on the roads. No traction equals terrible running. Ugh!

    Alex - I have absolutely no idea how people out here train for spring/early summer marathons. Maybe treadmills, I guess.

  8. It has been a brutal winter here in MN. We have had above average snowfall, and it has been ridiculously cold here in recent weeks, but I have been managing to stay active. First race will be in March, a traditional St. Patrick's 8k.

    Good luck with your training, and I hope you get some better weather!

  9. DO the half!!!

    i'm dealing with the snow... by running on the treadmill. evil necessity.

  10. Jean - Above average here, too. Sometimes it's not worth being above average.

    You too! Nice job with your training so far.

    Micki - SO. MUCH. PRESSURE! If I had a treadmill, I'd probably at least do some shorter runs on it.


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