18 October 2010

4 miles

Things have been unusually quiet around here on the running front because I haven't been running. Part of the reason was because I probably was a bit burned out, and coupled with the heat and humidity the summer was pretty much dead after the couple of races I ran. So basically a month of no running went by and now I'm restarting in time for the winter. My goal basically is to slowly work up to 25-30 miles by late December/early January and stick with it to February, when I'll incorporate training for half marathons.

Right now, I'm working running consistently and focusing on overall fitness. I'm going about 3-4 times a week and doing ab work before runs, then do some yoga at least 2 days a week on days I don't run.

Today's 4 miles went by alright, though the loss of fitness and speed is obviously present. However, I didn't regress as much as I thought in the month of doing absolutely nothing so it shouldn't take me longer than three weeks before I feel comfortable running. I was able to maintain about a 9:30 pace the first three miles, speeding up to an 8:30 the last mile. The weather was great and cool, skies on the overcast side. I focused on a forefoot strike and taking smaller, quicker steps, something I've found is most beneficial to my running. I do need to work on actually making sure to run slower, though, as it's always been my tendency to run faster than necessary.

So far so good for my second week.



  1. I'm also going on about a month of not running except I ran today for only 15 minutes (1.7 miles) on a treadmill.
    I guess it's longer than a month but with a race in the middle there.

    I hate the time of not running and how I lost so much of my speed and endurance when I wasn't running.

  2. hey girlie!!
    it sounds like you have an awesome build it back up plan! remember to ice and stretch and you will be back to where you were in no time!

  3. Colleen ~ Yeah, starting back up always has its drawbacks because in your mind you remember how you were before you stopped running. Hopefully you'll get back soon!

    Lizzy ~ Definitely stretching! Icing is great, I just am really lax about it, haha. Then there was the incident I almost gave myself frostbite, bwahah.

  4. Running with a forefoot strike was key with my transition to barefoot running and it has definitely shaved minutes off! It felt a little awkward at first, but now it feels very natural!

  5. Remember not to have too much of a good thing.


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