12 October 2010

easy chocolate cake

chocolate layer cake

Chocolate cake.

I could just stop talking now because, really, by now does a chocolate cake need an explanation? But I did use a different recipe, so I'll talk about that. I've been hearing about the Hershey's chocolate cake, which isn't so dissimilar to the wacky chocolate cake I sometimes make. You mix the dry ingredients with the wet, pour into prepared pans, bake, and you get a very moist, chocolaty cake. Can it get any simpler?

The recipe I used, though, from a search on Photograzing (I forgot to bookmark the post) was Ina Garten's chocolate cake recipe. It was a bit different from the Hershey's cake with buttermilk and hot coffee instead of just boiling water, but otherwise mostly the same. What I don't understand about Ina Garten is her tendency to bake with extra large eggs. I'm not sure if this emits a feeling of cooking on the farm or if she has stock in the egg industry, it makes no sense. I used large eggs.

My thoughts on the cake was that it was indeed quick. However, I feel like these cakes lack a sturdiness when removing from the pan, transferring to the platter to ice, slicing to make more layers, etc. I might decrease the amount of hot coffee I use next time, and I don't think it'll affect the cake much.

chocolate layer cake

For the frosting I chose a slightly different flour frosting. This time, the pudding was thickened with cornstarch instead of flour. I melted chocolate chips with the milk to make chocolate buttercream, along with a teaspoon of instant coffee. Unfortunately, the buttercream remained at a heightened state of curdle even after beating the butter in. Even after beating on high for a few minutes. The stuff just didn't want to combine, and I'm not sure if this was because of the chocolate or the instant coffee. I should have cross-referenced between a different chocolate buttercream recipe. Anyway, it finally became workable after beating in a bit more than a cup of confectioners' sugar and some cocoa powder. Oh well. Everyone liked the texture of the buttercream, as it was very smooth and airy. It paired extremely well with the moistness of the cake and a glass of milk.



  1. yum. sometimes you can't beat a slice of a good chocolate cake!

  2. Sounds like your chocolate may have siezed.

  3. I noticed that about her recipes too. Geez, Ina, not everything has to be EXTRA LARGE, right? I'll stick with my large eggs, thank you.

    This looks good, though cakes that lack structural integrity make me neeerrvous about frosting.

  4. I've made the Hershey's recipe about a dozen times and never had an issue with the cake's firmness.

    One time after a hurricane when ingredients were limited, I not only substituted sour milk for buttermilk, but I actually used dry milk (rehydrated) for milk. It tasted pretty good. I guess anything after a couple of days without a hot meal will taste good.

  5. Well, it looks delicious! I know what you mean though about "flimsy" cakes the fall apart when you pick them up. SO funny about Ina and her XL eggs!


  6. That's my kind of cake! it looks divine.

  7. Oh my god, that looks so amazing! Yummm, I'll probably make this soon.

  8. OMG!!! I'm starting to crave for it now! Thanks for this awesome recipe from yours. Wanna try it!

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