21 June 2010

Make it to the Finish Line: Training Tips from Iron Girl and Fitness Magazine

Hey Readers!

I recently was invited to join in on a "webinar" hosted by Mary Anderson, Fitness director for Fitness Magazine, Judy Molnar, Race Director from Iron Girl, along with Iron Girl's official coach, Coach Troy Jacobson. They'll be hosting a presentation centering around nutrition and training tips for your first race. I've been asked by some readers about reentering the field of running, and I thought of you guys when I was asked to sit in on the talk.

The presentation ends with a Q&A session and here is where I'll be able to ask them some of your questions about nutrition, gaining a competitive edge in your racing, general training tips, fitting in training and exercise around your schedule, and more. If you have a question you'd like me to ask, leave it in the comments. Although I probably won't be able to ask every question, I'll make my way through as many of your comments as possible.

Also, Iron Girl is giving me a goodie bag filled with loads of cool stuff! I'm not sure exactly what's in it, as I'll find out on Wednesday, but they're also giving me an extra bag to giveaway to one of my readers! I'll be hosting that giveaway on either Wednesday or Thursday, when I relay the information I learn from the webinar.

Make sure to leave your questions! I'll probably be Twitting during the webinar, so if you're not already a Twit follower, go ahead and follow now.


  1. I'm running 5ks at the moment. What do you recommend to be the most effective/consistent training routine to quicken pace and time, while being less likely to sustain injuries?

    I have a second question, if there's enough time. What performance foods do you recommend before a race? Before hand, I use an FRS energy drink, PowerBar energy blasts, and a powder mix called "Champion Nutrition: Amino Shooter Core", which is said to help energy during, and then the recovery after the race.

  2. I forgot to add this just just in case it might be missed, or not addressed. But besides running training, also workouts for body conditioning.

    Sorry for the double post.


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