18 June 2010

Jim Gibbons Traffic Jam 5k '10

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Jim Gibbons Traffic Jam 5k

So I hadn't run in 5 or so days, I wasn't feeling particularly rested, and to top that off by the time we got to Chicago it was 5:30 (race starts at 6:25) and I didn't get to warm up like I wanted. Whatever.

My plan was to try and keep my brother in sight for as long as possible (he was attempting a sub 22) but I lost him after mile 1. Way to wear all black, bro.

In fact, I had no idea where mile 1 was. Or mile 2. Or mile 3. All of which were VERY CLEARLY MARKED last year. Now I was left running by feel, which isn't fun when you aren't feeling well. The good news is that during mile 2 I didn't feel like I was slowing down since the other runners weren't passing me like a communal tidal wave.

My time was 24:23. I feel really bad about that because it's a minute slower than the time someone called for me to run, though the splits averaged out to 7:50s, which is definitely faster than my time last year, so it wasn't too bad. I know I can do better, though.

I found out just a moment ago that I took first in my age group! Granted, the 1st and 2nd winner overall for the women's were also in my age group, leaving them ineligible to claim the AG award, but I'll take it. I was about a minute and thirty seconds faster than 2nd place, so that was good running on my part.

To finish the evening, we headed over to a restaurant to watch the Lakers win again! Pretty cool finish to our trip.


  1. Strong work. Keep 'em coming.

    My Verification Word: gatio

  2. Hey, don't playa hate!

    People started passing me half way through the second mile, and passed me more steadily during the third mile, but luckily none of them were slower people in my age group. Huzzah!

    Don't mind me, while I use your blog to try to get the USA the FIFA World Cup. :D

    Click my URL and sign a petition to get the '18/'22 World Cup to the great States!

  3. Your 5k split at your recent 10k was close to this race time, wasn't it?

    Did your brother go under 22min?



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