28 June 2010

Iron Girl Gift Pack

Iron Girl Gift Bag

My gift pack arrived in the mail today packed full of really cool things. Let's take a look, shall we?

Iron Girl Gift Bag

I obviously couldn't help from micro-shaking the camera because ALL these pictures include a hint of blur. Fail.


First there is this really cool turquoise and pink visor. The cool part is that there's a terry cloth sweatband thing along the section that sits on your head/forehead. Then instead of a traditional backing, the backing is like this elastic band that you can can be tightened, and it also has the words "Iron Girl" printed on it. At first I asked myself if I'd feel a little weird wearing a hat for an event in which I've never participated, but I'll get over it when I run tomorrow. Because these are MY colors.

Iron Girl Gift Bag

There is also a pair of pink goggles to use for swimming, or to wear whilst peeling onions in the kitchen (I've been told that it helps).

Iron Girl Gift Bag

I'm really excited about these socks! They're a nylon, "cool-max fresh FX", and lycra blend, and on the thin side. I will test these out tomorrow, too. They look pretty snazzy!

Iron Girl Gift Bag

And also for the feet we have a giant 2 pound bag of Dr. Teal's Peppermint Foot Soak, which is Epsom salt with peppermint essential odor and baking soda, in case you smell (it's what the bag says, not what happens to me). The peppermint oil is supposed to revitalize your senses, which is always a good thing after you're tired from a run or anything.

Iron Girl Gift Bag

Included is also a Bodycology body wash, specifically for the softeningog skin, with silk and avocado oil, and a cucumber melon body mist from the same company. It smells pretty good, though a little sugary sweet for my tastes.

Next are two different types of eye drop samples from Rohto, one for dry eyes to restore moisture, relieve irritation, and cool. The next is for redness relief. (I'm thinking this is mostly for the swimming aspect of triathlons?)

In front is a "homeopathic flex power" pain relief cream. With gradual heat and a light scent for "active women", you can put some on specific muscles and joints experiencing minor aches and pains for temporary relief. The major ingredients are arnica, green tea, vitamins, aloe, msm and glucosamine. You are supposed to apply at least 10 minutes prior to exercise as well as afterwards. I put some on my foot earlier because it feels weird, and I can't report anything because I forgot I put it on and didn't think about if it was working or not. Fail. I'm sorry. I'll reapply in a moment. But this is the official sports cream for the USAT(rialthlon), USA weight lifitng, US snowboarding, ski team, and cycling.

There is also a Luna white chocolate macadamia bar as well as a Luna protein chocolate peanut butter bar.

Finally, there's a DVD for Coach Troy's "Runervals" with Iron Girl, which is a series of three workouts, all thirty minutes, but varying in intensity. The interval workouts are designed to "maximize your fitness safely and efficiently". The workouts aim to improve leg speed, burn body fat, and prep you for races of all distances, as stated on the back of the DVD. If I had a treadmill, I'd love to review this for you. However, I figure I can watch the DVD and mimic the workout on the road and see how it goes.

Also, the bag all this loot comes in is HUGE. It's one of those giant drawstring bags you can wear like a backpack with a front zippered pouch, the giant middle pouch, and a mesh pocket in the back. Can't wait to use this for races since the bag I am using is a tight fit for all my stuff.

Really cool stuff. Thanks again, Iron Girl!


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