30 January 2010

eat cookies for breakfast!

oatmeal cookie breakfast

It's the new campaign I'm heading up. I'm already a big believer in eating cookies for breakfast, and I think I remember reading on the David Lebovitz site that he also eats cookies for breakfast when he has them around. Many people will be quick to tell you that they are not morning people, but a cookie would definitely brighten their days, especially the kind of cookie I'm talking about.

Many breakfast cookies are a cross between a cookie, a muffin top, and maybe a scone. This, however, is more akin to portable granola or oatmeal, as pointed out by my brother who said that crumbling the cookies into milk would most likely taste good. He then said these would also make a good ice cream and yogurt topping. He also requested that I should make these again only if I made about 100 instead of just two dozen.

To make this you first will need some leftover hockey pucks, or as I like to call them, oat-coffee crinkles. You can either heat up the milk, pour it over a few cookies (you probably will need at least 4 per half cup of milk) and let it sit for a few minutes to soften, or you could simply crumble the cookies into a bowl and pour cold milk on top if you'd rather eat them like granola. Either way, you have a caffeinated, protein packed breakfast to start the day! Toss in some fruit if you feel like being extra healthy.

One note: If you want to make these simply for portable breakfasts, decrease the sugar to 1/2 cup and add in a fourth egg white. To make life easier, mix the ground coffee in with the oatmeal. Portion the dough out into 1/3 or 1/2 cup portions and bake until the outsides are beginning to take on a golden brown hue, probably at least 15-17 minutes, maybe 20. Cook completely, then wrap individually in plastic wrap.

breakfast oatmeal cookies



  1. That's a pretty cool action photo of the milk being poured in the top picture.

  2. Guilty. I was eating leftover homemade graham crackers atop my yogurt this morning. ;-)

    And I second the previous comment... :)

  3. I am SO THRILLED to have found your blog through tastespotting. It is beautiful, and I love your ideas! Cannot wait to read more :)

  4. Mmmmmmmm breakfast cookies!!!! I like eating oatmeal rasin cookies for breakfast. Hehe.

  5. yum those look great! the picture is really cool too!

  6. A lot of interesting things found on your blogs, like the topic!


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