16 January 2010

PowerBar Energy Gel Blasts free sample!

Sitting here before a run, I thought this commercial for PowerBar's Energy Gel Blasts was timely. And then I thought of all my cool blogger friends who might be interested in free stuff, too!

The Gel Blasts (I love saying that... BLAST OF ENERGY!) says it offers up to 20-55% more energy than typical glucose energy supplements. I've never taken any gels or stuff during running, mainly because I don't run that far, but since my runs have been inching up there I'm looking forward to checking this out. I also know that a bit of something has helped me feel better during the end of a long run, like the awesome Clif Quench I tried a while back.

Get your sample now at PowerBar's website for free Energy Gel Blasts!.

(The fine print on the website says this offer has expired, but I just saw the commercial on the TV so maybe they're still running it.)



  1. Well, I registered for a free sample, but if it turns out to be expired and all I get is junk mail, I intend to rail against you with angry comments.

  2. This is shameless product endorsement.

  3. LOL....shameless is probably better than shameful


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