10 November 2009

Vietnamese Caramel Chicken & baby bok choy

baby bok choy

Baby bok choy is so cute, the miniature stalks that seems like a fun idea to make. They are, but there's a bit of cleaning involved. First you slice each bok choy in half and rinse it under water to rid the crevasses of dirt. Then, I chose to stir-fry each one instead of tossing all of them in the wok for a few minutes before letting them steam briefly. It was really good, though, and I would make it again. The soy glaze was very tasty and complimented the meat dish.

Vietnamese Caramel Chicken, jasmine rice, and soy-glazed baby bok choy

On FoodieMayhem I saw what looked like would be a very tasty dish, and also a perfect football-watching meal. They make a Vietnamese caramel sauce in which baby back ribs are cooked away until the meat is tender and the outsides are coating in a wonderfully colored crust, almost, of the caramel sauce. We made this dish with a few drumsticks we had left and despite the initial overwhelming smell of fish sauce first inhaled, everyone thought it was one of the most incredible chicken dishes ever.

recipes ~

Baby Back Ribs in Vietnamese Caramel Sauce

Soy-Glazed Baby Bok Choy



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