16 July 2009

i'd rather have the gun

It occurred to me the other day that I haven't ever eaten cannoli. Why, you ask? Because it's as if I could picture how it would taste and it never really appealed to my tongue.

Going along the lines of "go big or go home", the only place to go is Macri's, the local Italian bakery. It also occurred to me that I never took a picture of the front entrance, though I'd have to look through the blog archives to be sure.

Not only did they offer the regular sized cannoli, but there were miniature versions as well. I didn't (read: forgot) to ask what the filling consisted of so I'll have to assume it was a traditional ricotta filling. I couldn't pass up the chocolate coated cannolo because it looked like a Chaco Taco!

So. Was the cannoli different than my expectations? A little. I was pleased that it wasn't exactly as I thought, though on the other hand I didn't think it was anything too spectacular. The filling reminded me of a less dense cheesecake filling that wasn't airy, yet not so dense you could patch a wall with it.

The dough is what made it err on the side of "meh". It was crispy, but in a crumbly way, and rather dense than what I would have expected, sort of like when you eat a pie and the crust seems like it was made with oil, or something.

Concluding this post, I realize that I need to try more cannoli in order to reach a more conclusive opinion on whether or not I need to get in touch with my Italian side. Isn't there a Little Italy in Chicago?


  1. HA I thought there's a little Italy in EVERY city :)

    I'm not a huge fan either, but than again, I'm not Italian. They can't get enough of those things.

  2. aww, i like cannolis :) but i like the filling more than the shell! i can't actually remember the last time i had one though!

  3. I totally agree. It's just ok to me. I'd rather eat Tiramisu :)

    If you leave it out for too long, the dough gets soggy!!

  4. I suggest a cannoli tour. The problem with a lot Italian pastry IMO is that it lloks incedibel but the taste doesnt measure to apperance. Mostly with their cookies. Just my views.


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