20 July 2009

chillax with cold-brewed coffee

Apparently I have a tendency to talk about things I'm going to cook or bake without getting around to it for months, sometimes up to a year. Cold-brewed coffee is one of those, and it's completely unacceptable since it's a snap to make. Stir coffee grounds into water, place jar on a counter for 12 hours or overnight. It's also what I order when I go to Borders, a cold-brewed vanilla latte.

Note, this won't have the same taste as an iced vanilla latte which has espresso shots, but I like it so go away.

Many people might say that cold-brewed coffee is a stupid concept, none of the bitterness and something around 90% of the flavor opposed to a shot of espresso poured over ice.
  • A) a one ounce shot is not enough to give my my fix cool me off in the hot summer heat
  • B) this is only the most simple thing to have in the fridge to stir up when the desire strikes
  • Not only that, it doesn't taste of stale coffee, which is C)
  • and
  • D) I don't own an espresso machine

I never really pay attention to how long it actually it actually brews as I prep it and leave it on the counter if I make it early in the day/afternoon, then place it in the fridge overnight, though I think it comes out fine. Strain twice through a coffee filter placed in a sieve.

Coffee is my joy in life. I love it, I love everything about it. I love complaining if the coffee is too bitter and acidic, I love to look at the color. I love waking up in the morning, snapping off the comforter, jumping out of bed onto the floor and with arms raised in jubilation scream, "COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEE!". Much to the chagrin of my cats, I might add. "Folgers in my cup!" is my favorite commercial. If I like you, I might pelt you with chocolate-covered espresso beans. I feel sad when I look into the cup and instead of a dark brown liquid seeing white.

This process makes a concentrate that can be diluted with 1:1 ratio of concentrate to liquid, either water or milk. You can also make ice cubes.

What I do for a "latte" is to mix 2/3 cup coffee concentrate (note how I use more coffee) and 1/3 cup milk, then I pour it into a small jar along with some vanilla syrup and shake it up really well so it's frothy for a brief moment.

If you want to give it a go, I mixed 1 cup coffee grounds with 4 1/2 cups water. For a fun read, head on over to this article from the NYT, Iced Coffee? No Sweat


  1. Oooh I like this. You know how much I adore iced coffee. I like your shaking-in-the-jar technique.

  2. I have to confess that I've never done this either, and don't really have an excuse. I look forward to my morning coffee too, it's a time for yourself I think :)

    And that blueberries are like crack comment was awesome. Maybe coffee is that way too!

  3. Christina, I LOVE coffee too! If you were in NY, I'd show you the awesome coffee spots!

    Once you try this, you will wonder why you go for the acidic flavor of brewed coffee that has been cooled. I love adding a hint of vanilla in mine as well :)

  4. lol I have the same tendency about saying what I want to bake and cook and its longer than I expected to get it done! Looks so refreshing and if I wasn't pregnant I would TOTALLY down that in 1 second flat!

  5. I really love coffee too but I have to admit I've never even heard of cold brewed coffee, it sounds perfect for summer.

  6. Blaspheme

    J/K - Is it suppose to be more concentrated? Something you would use for Iced coffee? What ratio of water to coffee beans did you use?

    I ask a lot of questions don't I

  7. Joel ~ A) you misspelled the first word. =P

    B) It does make a concentrate, which is why you dilute it with milk or water. Reading comprehension 101: failure. =D

    C) I really don't believe you read this post at all. Lmao!

    D) Please reread the last paragraph. The typical ratio is 4:1 water to coffee. Of course, if you prefer a much stronger concentrate (which is redundant, actually, heh) then add more ground coffee.

    I don't mind answering any questions because it allows me to pwn. =)

  8. I'm waiting to be pelted with chocolate-covered espresso beans. See you on the court. =P


  9. Here's an idea....stay up for a week doing an energy drink blog


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