16 December 2008

Yippie Kai Yay

Foodbuzz has a Tastemaker program where you can opt in to receive samples and review them, this sampling being for Cowgirl Chocolates. I got the package the day before my birthday, but I couldn't remember who sent it or why, and since it said 'Cowgirl Chocolates' on the mailing label I looked it up. Then I was reading emails and saw the Foodbuzz email and slapped myself upside the forehead and said, "OH, yeah!"

What makes Cowgirl Chocolates unique is their sweet & spicy approach to gourmet chocolates, featuring cayenne and habanero pepper. The ingredient list shows just how good the flavorings they use are, some being hazelnut butter, different fruit oils, and natural flavorings. Nothing sketchy on there.


  • Red ~ Raspberry Dark Chocolate: By far, one of my favorites. The raspberry flavor was really deep and it wasn't just a hint of flavor. At the end of the bite, a kick of heat hit the back of your throat. Of all the spicy truffles, this one had the most heat.

  • Gold ~ Double Dark Chocolate: A nice, smooth dark chocolate with a bit of heat. The truffle filling was really smooth and melted well, just like all of the fillings, and a tiny heat sensation was at the end.

  • Dark Blue ~ Hazelnut Milk Chocolate: You cannot go wrong with a hazelnut truffle, and mixed with a good milk chocolate you are always in for a treat. There was a bit of spiciness, but we didn't taste much.

  • Copper ~ Cappuccino: This was my most favorite because I love all things coffee. The coffee flavor wasn't overwhelming and the spiciness, second highest of the lot, was a nice compliment.

  • Brown Pillow ~ Habanero Dark Chocolate: A nice, smooth dark chocolate with a bit of heat. I couldn't detect any flavor undertones, but that didn't matter because the chocolate itself was good.

  • Clear ~ Habanero Caramel: Slightly buttery, sticky, and the most spicy of them all, this was a really good caramel with nice flavoring, but not overly sweet.

  • Mild:
  • Aqua ~ Double Dark Chocolate: Basically like the Double Dark Chocolate truffle, but without any spiciness at all. Again, a smooth filling and a good dark chocolate flavor.

  • Silver ~ Milk Chocolate: Like above, but milk chocolate.

  • Orange ~ Ivory Orange: A small shell of white chocolate enveloping what tasted like an orange creamsicle filling. This was another favorite of ours because it wasn't a regular orange flavor as we were thinking.

  • Fuschia Red ~ Raspberry Lemon: This was my mom's favorite because she hadn't seen a flavor like this in a truffle before. The filling wasn't ganache like, but rather just a fruit-like filling. A nice, light raspberry flavor with undertones of lemon.

Overall, we thought the chocolates were very good, but the individual chili flavors weren't detectable, it was just the kick of heat that came at the end when you thought that it was over. My other thought was that the ratio of filling-to-shell could have been more, like the Lindt truffles. And really, I thought that Lindt truffles were just as good as these were, although I did enjoy eating them.

Would I buy them on my own? Maybe. Their offerings for truffle flavors and different candy alone would warrant a second-go, and would also make a lovely gift because the chocolates come with reusable boxes, such as their 'keepsake boxes'. Cowgirl Chocolates don't just pay attention to the truffles, but also the packaging and presentations, which goes a long way in my book.

Thanks again to Foodbuzz for giving us the opportunity to sample Cowgirl Chocolates!



  1. OOOOH, those sound delish - too bad the hazelnut truffle isn't with dark chocolate :-(

  2. oh those chocolates are adorable! thanks for the review. i've personally never tried chocolate with chili in them, but i have heard that it's becoming more popular :).

    thanks for sharing!

  3. ahhh...'chile chocolate', going back to tribal ways of ways of eating stuff is always good.

    I'm still waiting for foodbuzz to send me something :)

  4. haha i've never had a mounds bar, but now you've completely enticed me to drizzle chocolate on there. :)

  5. Yes - how fun. I just read on someone else's blog that they've received this too. Good job!

  6. Yum! I like cappuccino chocolates too.

  7. I knew I should've joined foodbuzz!!

  8. hmmm...I haven't received mine :( Maybe they are still coming?

    How very nice of Foodbuzz!

  9. VeggieGirl - That's what I thought. I think the Lindt truffles has a hazelnut-dark chocolate combo, but I can't remember.

    TTFN - Yup! I liked unwrapping the different stages of packaging =D

    Pearl - I'd suggest the Dagoba dark chocolate bar with chili. That was the first time I tried a chocolate-chili combo and I really enjoyed it. It's not much more than $2 a bar, either.

    Teenage Gluster - What?! I'm shocked they haven't sent you anything yet. Gosh!

    Pearl - DO IT! And even put an almond pressed on top and then it'll be an Almond Joy bar!

    Darius - It's been going around the blogs, which is the point! (Hoarding is not =D)

    Jess - Mmm... I wish I had more of those!

    HtEaC - It's not too late to join now!

    Olga - Maybe. I didn't think I'd get any because it was on a first-come basis and I was a few days late from seeing the email, so it could still be in the mail for you.

  10. These are so nicely packaged! I will love to be the recipient!

  11. So pleasing to the eyes and definitely pleasing to taste. Love it!


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