12 December 2008

The House that We Built, Part Two, The Winner

Christmas comes but once a year, for which I am very thankful because that's the only time I want to build a gingerbread house.

Whew, okay. I feel better now.

I'm just going to take you all on a "walk-through", pointing out the details as I go along. See above? That's the house.

My mom wanted a walkway, and my brother put it together lined with mini candy canes.

Both the aforementioned brother and my mom worked on the little chocolates that went in various places outside and inside the house. They did a great job, paying close attention to detail.

On the other side are more chocolates, a North Pole sign and two reindeers.

For a nice touch, my mom wanted the inside to be decorated a bit, and that's why there are two little gingerbread people inside...

A candy mold teddy bear...

The Christmas tree...

And finally, a candy mold rocking horse.

It was my mom's idea to completely cover the outside with crushed peppermint pieces (picture the three of us throwing the round peppermint circles down on the ceramic floor... it was much needed therapy), and my other brother made the criss-cross lines with pretzel sticks. The star window has a 'stained-glass' backing, my mom's idea.

Here's a picture of the back, which unfortunately looks rather flat. But those windows were my one of my brother's idea (read: not from the pattern), and it really added quite a bit to the finished look. Look at the little gummy bears in the windows!

So you can see the back better...

And that, finally, ends the tour of our little house. I took pictures of all the other gingerbread houses that I may upload and stuff later. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed!

*The entire process was accompanied by my dad, who earned the title of Official Overseer*


  1. Wow! That is an incredible masterpiece! Inspirational!
    I am planning on designing one this weekend with my brothers and boyfriend...you've given me some great ideas! :-)

  2. That's amazing. I love how you did all the little details inside. You going to eat it now?

  3. HOLY COW that is impressive!!! way more intricate than we every got :)

  4. oh my GOODness! that is SO impressive!

  5. Wow you made that!? That is so pretty.

    Thanks for stopping by with the good luck wishes!

  6. Whoa Chris, very impressed. Like you even did the inside of the house. Where's the cable TV and running water/Hawaiian Punch?

    Seriously though, I love it. Do you guys eat it afterwards, or is it too good looking? :)

    Oh, and I missed you too.

  7. OMG! Y'all got skillz!Fantastic.

  8. That is one gorgeous ginger bread house!

    I attempted to make one from scratch years ago with dismal results. The walls and roof never stayed together and my dad ended up using Elmer's glue on the inside to keep it together!

    Needless to say, it was just a decoration and no one ate it!

  9. I'd been wondering where you'd gone off to...

    I think I'd have been sequestered if i were planning something this extravagant too!

    Looks great!

    ~Tim UF

  10. Holy cow that is awesome; I love it when people build gingerbread houses. Because when you see one, you just have to smile.:)

  11. Laurel - Glad I could help you out. Have fun!

    Chelsea - It's still up on display, but... Honestly, I don't want to. You spend so much time around all that sugar that it ceases to be appetizing, but I'll nibble on bits!

    VeggieGirl - Thanks!

    TTFN - The intricacy was due to everyone coming up with their own idea and blending it together. More minds definitely was the key!

    Pearl - Thank you! I like how it's so pink, it almost glows *glow*

    Jess - Yup, we made it!

    Good luck tomorrow!

    Adam - Oooh, imagine if there had been a science project-volcanoesque setup for the CHIMNEYS!!! But it would have to be something billowy so it wouldn't destroy the house.

    Courtney - EPIC SKILLS, heck yes!

    Biz - Aw, that's too bad. I was worried that might happen, but the royal icing was made extra-thick and we used loads of it.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Sam - Thank you!

    Tim Yes, I frequently disappear to build edible coma-inducing houses! (I'm going to use that excuse from now on because it sounds cool.)

    Honestly, I felt like sequestering myself for real afterwards.

    Janelle - My mom and one of the bros went to the judging and they said everyone really enjoyed looking at it, so I'm glad we made something that made everyone smile!

  12. That is one dag-gone impressive gingerbread house!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! Awesomeness. :)

  13. Great job! Looks like a lot of work and a lot of fun!

  14. It's gorgeous! You guys did a great job.

  15. WOW - that is one amazing looking gingerbread house! Well done!!

  16. Yes - i agree - you guys have got some major skills...this is a GREAT looking gingerbread house!

  17. That's amazing. So much detail -- I could see this winning a Food Network Challenge or something.
    The round pavestones are a really nice touch.

  18. Absolutely stunning! What talent! This is the kind of house I would dream of when I was a kid. You know the ones that your mum would tell you about in bedtime stories like Hansel and Gretel! I just got a flash back in my childhood looking at this!
    You've made my day! :)

  19. OK this is one beautiful artpiece!! :) thanks for visiting my blog too.

  20. It's positively beautiful!! Great job!


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