17 November 2008

Let the Celebrations Begin

The beginning of the upcoming holiday season starts early for my family, and that would be my mom's birthday. I always like to get really creative when it comes to her cake because of all the years she made mine (and those were brilliant). Last year I made her a spice cake with 7-minute frosting and poached mini pears.

This year I wanted something to make her a cake that wasn't like that, so I chose a chocolate layer cake with strawberry icing.

From The Little Big Book of Pooh by Monique Peterson, that was given to my mom by one of my brothers as a birthday gift last year, is a simple recipe for a cake that is the epitome of a birthday cake. Made in the way of a white cake with the addition of melted chocolate, the cake is moist, flavorful, and not too sweet. The icing is a traditional buttercream tinted pink, so I figured I might as well add strawberry extract.

It really becomes a Winnie the Pooh cake with on top of this cake stand!

Mom really enjoyed this cake, and she thought the pink icing made it pretty. It does look like a merry cake, which really is the point of all things Pooh Bear! (Actually, this is the cake everyone made for Eeyore's party, which is why it looks so cheery.)

Care for some cake?



  1. I LOVE the cakes! They are gorgeous.

  2. The cake looks great and that is so nice of you to do for your mom :)

  3. Your cakes look lovely! I like the brown color of the cake contrasting the pink frosting. Wonderful!

  4. Wow - that's right - let the countdown begin!


  5. I love the colour, what a great cake!

  6. VeggieGirl - The best kind, really, although everyday cakes are good (it's like celebrating an unbirthday!).

    Sweet Potato - Thank you!

    Maryann - Thanks. I always enjoy doing something special for her. :)

    TTFN - Thanks :)

    Valerie - That was the best part! Pink and white is nice, but this has a bolder statement.

    Darius - And now it's even closer to Thanksgiving, eek!

    Sam - Thank you!

  7. Now that is a beautiful cake! I lve h colors of brown and rose.


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