20 November 2008

Everybody's Changing

People always say that change is a good thing, but what it really means is that something that you didn't want to happen, has happened.

There's no denying that we, the people, look to politicians for guidance, and that's what I did. They say that we need change, so in the vain of politicians I decided to spin the situation in a way that would most benefit my eating companions and myself, and instead of a Chinese buffet on election day, we would exercise our right to change by going to a Mexican restaurant. La Esperanza, to be a little more precise. (Where we saw a girl of Asian decent with a friend, who was Caucasian, who ordered a, and I quote, "A Mexican-style burrito." I didn't hear it when he first said it, but my brother and dad did. It struck us all as odd to order a 'Mexican-style' burrito in a Mexican restaurant, but I looked at the menu and there was a 'Burrito Mexicano', which I'm going to assume is what he meant.)

We, my dad, brother, and I, started out with a complimentary basket of tortilla chips and salsa. I think the tortilla chips are made at the restaurant, but if not they get it somewhere that makes it authentically. No fake chips here. The salsa was really good, sort of a puréed mixture instead of a chunky salsa, well-flavored, and on the medium-hot side.

My brother ordered the 'Tamal Meal', which consists of two pork tamales with a side of beans and rice, garnished with shredded lettuce. That lettuce is a garnish, and while garnishes aren't meant to be eaten, we view shredded lettuce as a faux salad. I remember my brother enjoying it, and I don't recall him saying that the filling or masa shell were dry.

Dad ordered a chimichanga with chicken filling. (I'm assuming that meant he voted against Summer, because Summer doesn't think cafeterias should serve chimineychangas.) It also came with a side of beans, rice, and the garnish of shredded lettuce. He enjoyed it.

I ordered the 'Burrito Especial', which:
An adventure in itself, if you are ready to take a risk. Our Burrito Especial is the feature burrito that continuously transforms; it's our burrito of the day.

So I went in knowing not what was going on in the heart of the burrito. But whatever, I like this restaurant, I've been here before, and I know that whatever I got it would taste good.

Which it did, but it wasn't what I expected (as you can't really tell from the very unphotogenic innards). It was mostly sautéed vegetables, I think there might have been some shredded chicken, and upon further excavating I found why I didn't get a side of rice, beans, and a garnish of lettuce (besides the fact that it didn't say it came with any on the menu). It was all inside, but not as much or in a very high ratio compared to the vegetables. Bummer, because I was hungry and I wanted something with more protein. Thankfully, my dad and brother shared their wealth of rice and beans (no garnish), because that's just the type of people they are.

Go to La Esperanza. The prices are affordable, there is a wide variety without being overkill, and I know you'll love it.

La Esperanza
1639 N. Ironwood Drive
South Bend, IN 46635

Phone: (574) 273-0345


  1. OMG I'm paranoid about adding too much water as well! I do prefer to make it by hand. It just feels more rustic to me. Plus it's more fun!

  2. There aren't really any Mexican restaurants where I live which is a shame because I love Mexican! This looks really good, Mmmm!

  3. Wow, I actually find the innards quite photogenic. XD I want a burrito now!

  4. HTEAC - I get what you mean. I made it by hand once because I didn't want to clean the processor and it really was more fun.

    VeggieGirl - There probably are others, but it's the best Mexican restaurant around!

    Sam - That's a bummer, but you cook really well so at least it's not totally accessible. :)

    Jesse - Maybe that's because you're hungry? Because I just looked at it again and I'm hungry and now I'm hungrier!

  5. great review! loved the pictures :)


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