03 November 2008

Lazy Daisy Cake

What happens when a food blogger suddenly stops blogging? Do they stop eating, too? I can only answer for myself, and it's not necessarily that nothing blog-worth came out of the kitchen, but rather that sometimes I just want to eat without having a photo shoot of my plate. Of course, I kept putting off an 'I'm leaving for a bit' note because I never intended not to blog, I just sort of kept procrastinating and then I began to knit.
Yes, that's right, I replaced kitchen utensils and ingredients with knitting needles and yarn. I've made four shrugs, one short-sleeve sweater shrug, and a few other things. I've cheated, for which I owe you all an apologizing. It gets worse, I've been perusing knitting blogs. (But I did not start one... I just joined an online knitting community.)

Anyway, I felt that a 'Lazy Daisy Cake' was the most appropriate post to make for my return, and I promise you that if I realize I might be spiraling down a path of laziness (this makes the second time I've done this), I'll let you know. That I'm lazy.

What is a lazy daisy cake? It's a hot milk sponge cake with a broiled coconut caramel frosting. Really quick, really simple. If you don't like coconut, replace it with chopped, sliced, or slivered nuts.

While I like the cake, the sweetness of the frosting being mellowed by the rather plain cake, the cake part isn't anything of note, being rather dry and flavorless (it's not the lack of sweetness I take issue with). I've realized that it's more a platform for the topping, but imagine a unity of a moist cake with a flavor that is great on its own, but blends flavors with the topping. I was asked to take on this challenge, and I haven't made much headway, though I had an inspiration a minute ago when I started thinking about this cake again. With that being said, I won't be posting a recipe yet. Just Google the name if you want to make it and you'll find a recipe for the regular version.

Readers, fellow foodie friends, what's you favorite treat to make when you are lazy, tired, the kitchen is messy, but you want something more than graham crackers with peanut butter or chips and salsa? (Stay home and eat all the freakin' chips, Kip!)



  1. Such a luscious cake!!

    My favorite lazy treat = banana bread!! :0)

  2. Ahh - I'm loving this lazy cake!


  3. I'm liking the look of this cake! My favourite lazy treat is crumble with whatever fruit I have laying around.

  4. Lazy Daisy... I like that, and it looks gooey delicious :)

    Favorite lazy treat? Fruit if it's lying around. Baked treat? Oatmeal cookies I can make with my eyes closed.

  5. lazy and this delicious?!? what a winner :)

  6. I want to eat that whole thing, right NOW!!!!

  7. Whoa - I ran across your blog through the Daring Bakers, and noticed that you're from Indiana - I grew up in South Bend! Where do you go to school, Notre Dame? I miss that city...

  8. Veggie Girl - Banana bread, mmm! I love a slice toasted and buttered for breakfast.

    Darius - I liked it while it lasted! (Which wasn't very long.)

    Sam - Oh yeah, that is good for lazy days. I need to make a batch of the topping and keep it in the fridge for even lazier days.

    Sam - And that is the number one reason why I eat so much fruit.

    I love oatmeal cookies. I had one the other day (from a bakery) with dried cherries and chocolate chops.

    TTFN - The perfect combination, I must say. :)

    Glorybelle - It's small enough to be able to do that, actually!

    Caitlin - Wow, what's up with this Indiana connection?! I moved here a few years ago, and I don't go to ND.


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