16 July 2008

Weekend Baking and Other Food-Stuff

I really need to make a baking list. There are many recipes that catch my eye, but I either forget to make them or I don't plan it out. Rustic potato bread from Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan is one of those that slipped my mind. What's worse is that this is a very simple recipe that doesn't require all day to make. I Googled it and came across the recipe from a blog called Kitchen Unplugged (click on the first link and it'll take you to KP -- but finish reading this first!).

As I said, the recipe was really quick and simple, but apparently I need to get in touch with teh yeast again since the consistency of the dough was off (that was really because the amount of potatoes was too much, so I had to add extra water and I probably added a bit too much). Even though the dough was too soft and lost some of it's height as I transfered it from the peel to the baking stone, the crumb structure didn't suffer much.

The aroma of this bread baking was incredible. Toasted and spread with a bit of butter, it's even better!

Here's a sight you haven't seen here in a while. This was nutmeg-flavored coffee with freshly grated nutmeg over the milk foam.

Sunday's dinner was a chuck roast, seared, then cooked on low for a while with onions, spices, and a bit of liquid, and covered with pepita mole sauce (that stuff is incredible!). Served atop fresh corn polenta and topped with a squeeze of lime and chopped parsley, this was a great combination of flavors.


  1. The bread and polenta look delish!

  2. Man, everyone is doing bread this week. They all have this ridiculously crusty golden-ness. I really dig yours with the potato, I bet it would be amazing with soup.

    Do we have another fellow coffee lover here? I think I have an idea for a coffee event. Hmmm and the wheels are turning :)

  3. I love the way puffy bread dough looks! I've never made it, but it looks so lucious.

  4. I don't know - I think the bread looks pretty darn good. Nice and pocket-y.
    Perfect with some nutmeg coffee and foamed milk.

  5. The crumb inside your bread looks perfectly fantastic! And I love the idea of the fresh corn polenta. I'm coming to your house for dinner and after dinner coffee :-)

  6. The bread looks so yummy!


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