08 July 2008

Strawberry Muffin Top and Banana Pancakes

Despite the "allure" Seinfeld brought to the muffin top craze, I never really got into it. Seriously, you're paying the same amount for about 75% less than if you bought the entire muffin. Then one Saturday when I stopped by Victorian Pantry I saw the most incredible baked good I had ever laid eyes upon. Normally I would have gone with my standard, the cinnamon roll, but the strawberry muffin top looked too good to pass by.

Besides the fact that strawberry slices are embedded into the top, the sprinkling of sugar lends a nice crunch that leads into the soft, spongy, lightly sweetened innards with a hint of almond made for a perfect eat. It was neither heavy nor coma-inducing, and I can't say enough about the almond essence I tasted, which paired perfectly with the strawberries. And the strawberries! I love to see real fruit, a plethora of fruit, in baked goods. It's rare, and usually the fruit has been dried first. Due to the giant size of this muffin top, it's perfect to split if you want, or eat half now and the other later, but I ate all of mine, enjoying sips of coffee between bites of strawberry muffin top goodness. Once again, Victorian Pantry does not disappoint.

Jack Johnson's song 'Banana Pancakes' only mentions banana pancakes twice, and the song really isn't about banana pancakes at all. Since making pancakes usually pertains to weekends when the pace isn't as rushed as the weekdays are, making banana pancakes during the weekday is a way to slow down the rush and enjoy the moment.

The song makes me hungry.

My mom created what I consider to be the most perfect pancake recipe. It produces fluffy pancakes that don't become soggy disks weighed down by syrup, and cooks up to a great height. (I hate thin pancakes, but if you like thinner pancakes just adjust the liquid-to-flour ratio. DO NOT press down on the pancake -- that's lunacy.) These pancakes are so tender without being rubbery, moist without falling apart, and just delicious. Besides the banana slices, I think I also added sliced walnuts, too.


  1. That food looks to die for! The way you describe them....yum!
    Which reminds me, I was watching "The Next Food Network Star" the other day and the people had to describe their dishes for viewers who wouldn't be able to taste them. Your descriptions were perfect!

  2. Haha, I too never used to understand the "muffin top craze"; but then I learned how to bake :0)

    Wow, your mom's pancake recipe sounds brilliant, since those pancakes look sensational!!

  3. Those pancakes look scrumptious! I could even eat those for dinner.

  4. ok, now i'm starving... these look absolutely incredible!!

  5. Both look amazing! The pancakes look amazing! I also doubt I could have passed up the muffin.


  6. Oh maaan,
    Where is the recipe for this???


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