25 July 2008

Burryro - Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

First off, just because you are imitating something doesn't mean it has to be exactly like the original. Take inspiration, but don't copy ingredient-for-ingredient or else it becomes redundant.

The ground beef was cooked with garlic, Greek seasoning (which tasted tinny because of whatever they used to make up for it being salt-free -- not worth it), oregano, kosher salt, and cilantro at the end. (The meat didn't end up tasting tinny after it was fixed, thankfully.) The greens you see is chopped parsley tossed with olive oil, kosher salt and pepper, then finished with extra cilantro and a dollop of yogurt. What makes it a "burryro" instead of a gyro is the use of a flour tortilla instead of pita bread.

Since a burrito really is a full-meal item, this was paired with sautéed and lightly steamed green beans tossed with soy sauce and pepper. Very simple, really delicious, and a nice meal that left you satisfied without feeling stuffed.



  1. "Take inspiration, but don't copy ingredient-for-ingredient or else it becomes redundant." Amen!! I couldn't agree more :0)

  2. Nice. I like the idea of a burryro. Burritos never sit well with me because they are sooooo filling. It's a tasty Mexican brick in the stomach.

    This on the other hand, it much lighter, and has protein and veggies. Imitate, I agree... make even better, and I agree more.

    I'm glad you liked the FFF post. You def have the experience and knowledge to know what works for you. Should I have any running questions... guess who I'm coming to? :)


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