19 May 2008

Weekend Dinner Wrap-Up

After an 8-miler I ran, I wanted something sweet to snack on. I had been meaning to make cookies for the past couple of days, but couldn't settle on a recipe. Actually, I didn't want a recipe that called for creamed butter because I didn't want to wait. Enter: Peanut butter-Honey Oatmeal cookies from Visions of Sugar Plum.
These are awesome! The perfect density-to-mix ins ratio, and it was pretty soft and chewy. I only had regular peanut butter and I subbed plumped raisins for the honey peanuts (which next time I will have), and next time I might add toasted coconut. Also, I loved the extra nuttiness that came from toasting the oats. Great recipe, Emiline!

Now, about the chocolate chips I used... I don't like using Ghirardelli chocolate chips. No, the taste is fine, and I love that they have bittersweet chips. It's just that the chip size is much too big and creates too much of an extrusion that negatively alters the shape.

Steak. I used to hate it. What changed? One day of walking around Chicago without proper sustenance, passing a sign of the restaurant in The Lake House that advertised something like "1/4 pound burgers!" In my anemic-like state, I craved IRON! In fact, my mom and I ordered liver and onions. Yes.

Saturday's steak (I forgot the cut) was cooked medium-rare. I prefer rare, but medium-rare, leaning more towards the rare, was what I felt like at the moment. As long as the meat is bloody, juicy, and not dry, I love it.

The steak was topped with a pear-infused white balsamic pan sauce. Basically, after the steaks were cooked, butter was added, swirled around, then the pear white wine vinegar was poured in. Maybe. I didn't make it and I forgot to ask, so I'm not quite sure of all of the ingredients, but it was EXCELLENT!

After dinner I had a tea smoothie. A forumite from the Runner's World forums told me about this smoothie. You brew a cup of tea (black or green), add frozen fruit (or fresh) to the blender, some frozen fruit juice concentrate (if you want), then pour the tea over it and blend away. My current favorite combination is black tea, frozen peaches and blackberries, a fresh banana, and pineapple concentrate (just a little). It really is the best way to cool down after a run, which is when I usually make it.

Sunday's dinner was steak quesadillas. The leftover steak was sliced and then sautéed with Worcestershire sauce, I think. There were also green peppers and onions. Look:

That's it until next week!


  1. Love the look of those cookies! I understand all too well about the iron cravings!

  2. Yay! You made them! I'm glad you liked them.
    Ghiradelli chips are bigger, aren't they? What do you like to use? Hershey's Dark are pretty good. They're cheap and good.

    I like steak about med rare, but my parents always cook it med well. Uggghhhh.

  3. Those cookies look so yummy!
    and that steak...I can't remeber the last time I had a steak! The closet I come to red meat is a hot dog or pepperoni. Every once in a while I find myself craving one

  4. Gretchen - Funny thing is, I keep meaning to take iron supplements, but I stop... Good thing I've been eating steak lately!

    Emiline - I use whatever chips are on sale, actually. Except for store brand because I've found that those really aren't as good as the name brands, even if the name brands aren't "leet".
    I'm not sure if I tried Hershey's Dark before, but I have used Nestle.

    Colette - I'm having hot dogs this weekend, and maybe steak, but I'm not sure about that. I don't really crave hot dogs as much as steak, but both are good in their own way.

  5. Just bumped into your blog on RW and am now hooked. I love to run because I love to eat. Can't wait to try the cookies. They look great.


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