29 May 2008

Krispy Kreme has Albino Doughnuts!

Since I had the contest loot burning a hole in my purse, yesterday seemed like the perfect time to cash in my prizes. First, I got the Caribbean Fruit Chiller, the frozen not the Kreme. Last time I had a Kreme Chiller I swear it consisted of pulverized doughnuts. I was reading a book about doughnuts yesterday, and one of the recipes is for doughnut soup. Heat the milk, pan-fry the doughnut in butter, place both in a blender, and purée. Um, gross? Though it's not much different then buttering a slice of tender white bread, sprinkling it with cinnamon sugar, placing it in a bowl and pouring hot milk over it. Hm. The former tasted weirder, by far.

But I digress.

In the heat, it's always a good idea to stick with the fruity iced beverage rather than a cream-based beverage. In some slushee drinks, the ice remains pebbly, whereas the ice in this was perfectly pulverized so that it was slightly crunchy, but mostly a smooth icy texture. The flavors were great, very tropical, mango-pineapple-orangey, and the level of sweetness was perfect. It cooled me down without leaving a sticky feeling, which is why I find sorbet more refreshing than ice cream in intense heat. (It wasn't intensely hot yesterday, but all the same.)

My first inclination when I got home was to eat a doughnut, but I do have a 10K on Saturday so I need to still pay some attention to balanced eating. Dinner consisted of chicken wraps. The chicken was sort of poached in a mixture of sautéed vegetables, a wine, and seasonings. A day or so later, it was sliced and ready to make wraps. Note to self: I hate mayonnaise for a reason. I should have spread my wraps with sour cream, as I was tipped off to do. I also spread some horseradish mustard on the Flatout wraps, sprinkled it some with blue cheese (another note to self: I don't care for the taste of Kraft Blue Cheese Crumbles), then layered with spinach and the chicken, which wasn't overcooked, I should add. Properly cooked chicken makes all the difference.

Question: Is Krispy Kreme now trans fat-free? I don't know if that pertains to what I'm about to say, but the glaze on these doughnuts isn't translucent and shard-free, but rather it's morphed into an albino doughnut.

See how it breaks into shards when cut? It never used to do that, even when at room temperature and not right off the belt. It used to crunch slightly and seemingly melt into the doughnut. Weird.

Finally, this is the featured doughnut at Krispy Kreme, the Caribbean Kreme Doughnut. The girl behind the counter said the filling reminded her of bananas, but maybe only in texture. I sort of know what a Caribbean flavor would be, which makes identifying the flavors easier. Those flavors being mango, pineapple, and an orange taste. The Blognut said the filling includes passion fruit, but I really don't know what that tastes like. The last time I had passion fruit it reminded of tangerine and pineapple. The texture of the cream was good, not too sweet, and the dough was perfectly sweet and not bread rollish, plus it was tender and held up. The frosting didn't overly sweeten the taste, and the contrast of the crumb topping was really good against the filling.

My only complaint I have with Krispy Kreme doughnuts, besides not particularly caring for them (this doughnut being a pleasant exception), is that they are quite stingy with their fillings. See how there's only a quarter-sized circle of filling? It's hard to get even dough-to-cream distribution when there isn't enough cream. On my paczki post, scroll down and look at the amount of fillings. Granted, it's a once-a-year event here, but still. STILL. Krispy Kreme, I know your stocks are leveling off and the soaring gas prices contributes to ingredient pricing inflation, but no one appreciates blatant stinginess, because your doughnuts have been this way since the store first opened in Mishawaka. Maybe it's just this location. I'm willing to make that concession.

Thanks again, Blognut!

I have a 10K coming up that I'm mostly ready to race. Considering that it's only been 2 month of consistent training, I'm not shooting for the moon, timewise, but I should still get a decent time, definitely sub-1 hour, especially if I PACE MYSELF. I may or may not post pre-race pictures tomorrow, but if not, wish me luck on my 10K Saturday!


  1. I've only had one Krispy Kreme in my entire life! (shh, don't tell Blognut!). I have to agree that there's nothing worse than a stingily-filled donut. But then again sometimes you get one that is over filled and it's like heaven but makes you feel so sick later. Le sigh....

  2. good luck on your run!
    I wish that they had krispy kreme in England, becuase they look so nice! Actually, maybe it's a good thing that they don't!

  3. I had to smile, b/c the first time i went to krispy kreme, they were giving out free samples--warm right off the presses. I was so in heaven my roommate and i (yes, just 2 of us) bought 2 dozen. lol. can't say I've had one since, but the memory always makes me smile:)

    I've been stalking awhile but enjoy reading your blog! Good luck on the run--I'm jealous, being sidelined lately with a bout of plantar fascitis...


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