26 May 2008

Double Holiday Weekend

Not only was it Memorial Day weekend, it was my dad's birthday, too. Also, on Saturday I received in the mail my prize from The Blognut. Blognut had a doughnut contest and I was one of the winners, so I received a coupon for a dozen doughnuts from Krispy Kreme and a coupon for their new Caribbean Chiller. Thanks, Blognut!

As per birthday tradition, we started the Sunday breakfast off with crepes. The first picture is my plate and the second is my dad's plate. The extending fork was a gift from one of my brothers to Dad.

Yet again, here is a picture of milk foam! My post tomorrow will be instructions on how to make it.

We made a lovely pasta salad with many vegetables and black olives, plus a homemade vinaigrette. Paired with the pasta was steak, and although it was medium-well it was very good, juicy, just not bloody... But I can look past my personal likings! (It tasted even better the next day!)

Chicken was also served. It was marinated in olive oil and seasonings I'm not sure of, but it was a bit on the spicy side and slightly sweet (I think it was brushed with a honey-orange glaze), with homemade barbecue sauce brushed on while grilling. Nice.

To drink, I made Emiline's Blueberry-Honey Sweet Tea. Very delicious, very cooling, and awesome when mixed half-and-half with sparkling mineral water. (I forgot to take a picture of my full glass, but that's alright, just go to Emiline's blog for better pictures.)

Part of dessert was white chocolate ganache-coated strawberries. It was good, but the ganache had more of a waxy texture than if I just dipped the strawberries in straight white chocolate, which would have had more of a snappy texture.

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day! In a way to remember both those who have given their lives and those who survived, I usually always read a book about a veteran, usually Clarence Blakeslee's book (he is a WWII veteran from Michigan), and Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters is another favorite.

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