13 August 2007

Welcome To My Place

This blog is a compilation of my running and fooding life. You see, I run, I eat, and I'm a foodie, which makes for an interesting combination. I've often thought of what I would like to eat after I run, the races I go to every year just to stop at that certain place to eat, timing my bread-making around my running schedule, things of that nature. I must say, having to eat to be able to run well is something I've come to love.

Besides documenting my baking, cooking and running adventures, I'll also add reviews of restaurants I've been to and special foodie outings. Speaking of eating to run, I haven't gotten the hang of eating and drinking while running. The former I don't need to do as much because I don't run long distances yet but the latter I need to be able to do. I started running when I was 16. I kept seeing ads for the Sunburst races so I decided to train and race the 5K. It ended up being the third or fourth 5K I entered and I finished in 24:58.

Baking and I have gone back way back when. Back to the ages of fanciful youth when the cookie was irregular, flat and... What that means is that it was the act of baking and not always the end result, as it is now. My mom did a wonderful job teaching me and for that I owe her part of my soul. She accepts payments of bread, desserts and dinner.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you check back often.

I like this dish.


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