27 August 2007

I'm... Walking

I have just been reminded of my blog.

My plan was to have a formal introduction to the running portion of this blog, but something happened today that needs to be said. When I was mowing earlier this guy ran by. *Enter normal running thoughts play in my head*. He runs back. About fifteen minutes later he starts running back again and I said to myself, "He either must really love to run or he's training for something." But then, out of the corner of my eye, I see this little head bobbing by his waist. I look up and he's got his son with him, who can't be more than 5-6 years old. It was incredible to see this dad running slowly alongside his son, taking time for him after he finished his run. For about 30 minutes, too.

Alright, day 1 of my walking is over with. I have seven more, three 20's, four 30's, before I start integrating running into my walks. If ever you feel the need to torture me or if someone asks you how best to torture me, reply by telling them to make me walk a certain distance without being able to run. I'll go insane, job done.

Dinner was excellent: Mexican pasta sauce (zucchini, ground turkey, tomatoes, garlic, onions, seasonings) on spaghetti, sprinkled with dried red peppers for added heat and queso fresco. My snack was less than excellent: Lucky Charms. It turned the milk an unappetizing shade of gray.

I haven't been fooding much, or taking pictures of recent cooks/bakes, but I will the first week of September. It'll be beignets and gelatoooooo. Moooo.

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