29 August 2007

Find a penny...

Let's assume you, the reader, is smart and can finish the rest without my help. Does that make me lazy? [*COUGH* rhetorical question *COUGH*]

Oh, the penny. I found a penny while walking and decided to pick it up when I walked back. I forgot, not to mention the penny was tail-side up. Seeing as I'm not superstitious it isn't much of an excuse. Pardon me. I was too caught up in my walk. OOOOOOOOH, I MISSS RUUUUUnING!

The initial phase-in to my walk-run program is a fortnight of walking, 4 times a week each. First week is 20 minutes, second week is 30. Guess how long I walked today... *cue Jeopardy theme song* You [me points finger at you] are wrong! I went for 30 because I'm stupid. However, I decided to have two each of 20's and 30's each week. So I did 30 and also some shin strengthening exercises, as well as attempting to do a handstand prior and am about to do some yoga after I finish with this.

My dinner is a small salad, grilled pot roast, potatoes au gratin, and homemade rolls. The latter two I have not started yet... I'll post pictures later, I promise.


  1. Do you mind if I ask why you can't run as much as you want to? Did you injure yourself?

  2. I... meant to write a blog entry about that, I still plan on doing so.

    At the beginning of May, something happened to my shin. I'm not sure if it was a really severe case of shin splints or I had a tibial stress fracture. I chose not to go to a doctor because I already knew what they'd tell me. I stopped running, wore a brace, went crazy... Wait, I don't think they would have told me that.

    I have one more week before my run-walks begin.


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