15 February 2011

Voting for my POM Wonderful Cupcake Contest entry

Hey guys!

POM Wonderful made a few changes to the voting process due to errors with the Facebook "like" button. The votes have been reset to zero for everyone, and you can now vote once per day. If you've already voted, I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your support! All you have to do now is click the icon below to vote again, and remember to vote everyday up until the 28th.

Thank you!



  1. Your recipe is unique! I think you deserve to win! Can you vote every day?

  2. Your getting crushed by the hostess cupcake look-a-like, how does that make you feel?

    Vote #68

  3. Hey Joel....Christina can out-Hostess even Hostess. Check it out.


  4. Emily - Thank you! And you can vote once per day.

    Joel - Like I lack the mostess?

    Anon - =D

  5. Good luck with the competition! Your recipe sounds wonderful!

  6. Sandra Lee is on the banner ad to the right of my screen. She's selling Pyrex.

    I thought you'd like to know.



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