04 April 2017

Rocket Fuel Granola


This is some special granola, folks. Eating a bowl of Rocket Fuel Granola has the potential to provide you with the energy to tackle your toughest workouts, hardest adventures, and hectic days!

Perhaps that's partly hyperbole. During that backpacking trip, where I thought a solid breakfast each  morning was a good idea, I carried four pounds of granola on my back like a newbie. This seems like a terrible idea, especially since we didn't need two four-ounce bags of granola per person, per day, but on the days we ate it, we felt like we could hike for miles. This granola has sticking power, a claim to which I can personally attest. I've asked myself if I would bring it on future trips, and the answer is yes, only less of it.

Rocket Fuel Granola is not just good for hiking, though. Alex often eats it to fuel for his long runs, and we take it to the crag for a day of rock climbing. Unlike oatmeal, I can eat a bowl of this stuff for breakfast and not feel hungry until lunch, or even longer. Granola has long been my favorite breakfast cereal since I can't remember when. Most versions aren't even really healthy, save for the oats, because of its density, but I tend to favor it for its heartiness. Store-bought granola pales in comparison.


29 March 2017

lemon bars and life updates

Last we spoke, I had completed my first multi-day backpacking trip. I had hoped that it would light the blogging fire I let go out, but it didn't have such an effect. I still wasn't baking very often, and ran even less. Truth be told, I was, and still am, feeling incredibly stressed out with school and the hells of retail. As the stress built up, I slowly backed away from activities I once found pleasurable. When pleasurable activities became challenging, I tossed them into the pile of stress that accumulated in the corner and disengaged. Eventually, all I had left was that big ol' pile of stress with nothing left to counter it. 

Despite the good things that had (and are happening) in my life, it felt as if I had been handed a giant pile of lemons with instructions to figure it out on my own. I chose to wallow. What I've learned about myself over the years is that I am an expert wallow-er, and if left to my own devices, could probably turn it into a full-time gig. I needed something productive, something with no expectations, to counter my negativity. So, what to do when you have lemons? Turn it into something sweet.

19 August 2016

That Backpacking Trip Through Shenandoah

Living in Indiana for so long, I yearned to experience the wonder of the trail. I had just assumed I would take to hiking, despite the lack of trails in Indiana. What I liked was the idea of trail life, of testing your limits, and the independent nature of the thru-hiker. A thru-hiker I am not, though now that I've gotten my boots broken in on legit trails, I can make the claim that I am a hiker. Day hiking soon became too easy. After experiencing the Smokies for the first time in 2015, I knew I wanted to try backpacking.

Over spring break of this year, I went with Alex on my first overnight backpacking trip to the Smokies. I had a great time, and the clear skies and warmish temperatures, unusual for the Smokies in springtime, made for a good experience. Since then, I wanted to tackle a more challenging trip - isn't that how it always goes?

We planned a four-day excursion through Shenandoah on the Appalachian Trail. Though after a tiring summer spent at school, I wasn't confident that I would enjoy it, especially considering we'd be heading out during the very worst of summer weather - heat, humidity, and bugs galore! The only other option was to stay home and do things we normally do, and that would be a letdown.

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