09 February 2011

Taster's Choice Instant Coffee

Taster's Choice Instant Coffee

Taster's Choice sent a holiday gift pack of a selection of instant coffee single serve packets. It was a late gift as I got it earlier this month, but nice nonetheless!

Taster's Choice Instant Coffee

What I like about instant coffee is that I can mix some in to drinks, like hot chocolate or smoothies, without diluting it. Now, I know I could cold brew coffee and freeze ice cubes, but for a hot beverage that wouldn't work. The individual packets make it simple bring a taste of coffee with you on the go. My favorite flavor of theirs is the French vanilla.

I'm not going to suggest that this replaces the taste of aroma of traditionally brewed coffee, but as far as instant coffee goes the taste is alright. Not overly bitter but with a decent strength and a nice range of roasts and flavors. The price is pretty decent (not sure exactly what it is, but compared to other brands it's on the low side) and you can find coupons on the Taster's Choice website.

What's your favorite way to use instant coffee, if you drink it?

Taster's Choice Instant Coffee


  1. I actually buy this and store the packets with me in my apron at work. Haha. For instant energy!

    Wait, I mean I make mochas with it. I don't just snort the packets.

  2. Emily - I may or may not have jokingly told people I snort coffee for a quicker energy high.


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