24 May 2012

Random Things and I Am Injured, For Real This Time

random things

Unfortunately, I'm really injured now. It's not serious to the extent that I need surgery, but serious enough that I can't run without worrying that it will get worse. The downside is that the scheduled forecast for the Sunburst half marathon is 74° for the high, which is actually low for a race where the highs often exceed 85°.

Such is life.

But that open-faced sandwich you see? That was a highlight of my depressing week. I've heard of a sandwiched called "French Butter & Radish Sandwich" but I've never tried it before. So the other day I toasted a slice of Hunza bread, which is a very dense, thinly sliced whole grain bread, spread it with butter (don't be shy on the butter), and topped with thinly sliced radishes and Palm Island red gold sea salt. Much tastier than I expected. I will try it with French bread and softened butter next time.

new lara uber bars

Larabar sent me some of their new Uber Bars last week. The difference between these and the regular bars are the chunks of fruit and nuts with a sweet and salty flavor.

I have to be honest here, I enjoy certain flavors of Larabars, specifically the coconut, because it has the least overwhelming date flavor. Almost every flavor tastes like flavor+DATE. Uber bars still have dates, but it's nowhere near as strong as the other bars and the saltiness helps to hide it even more. I really, really enjoyed these and I'm sad that my last bar will be eaten today. I'll be keeping my eyes out for Uber bars.

Besides the flavor, I enjoy that these bars are around 200+ calories. When I'm hungry, a lower-calorie bar just doesn't cut it. Plus, the fat from the nuts keeps me satiated. I kind of have a bar for every circumstance - I just feel snacky; I'm a little hungry; I AM SO HUNGRY; I FELL TO THE FLOOR BECAUSE I AM STARVING. These will work for "I AM SO HUNGRY" moments.

Merry likes sweetened condensed milk

This is one of my cats, Merry. Like Pooh Bear, he likes sweetened condensed milk. Isn't his pink tongue adorable? I like it when he licks my forehead because it's like receiving a free exfoliation. Thanks, Merry, for being more than just a cute kitty cat.

random things

I made this dinner on Monday. It's a spinach-leek stuffed chicken breast with toasted almond brown rice salad on the side. I didn't follow a recipe, nor did I write down measurements; sometimes I just feel like cooking without the pressure of jotting down notes and taking pictures. Since it's still fresh in my mind, I should write down a rough recipe and go back and make it again since it came out so well. I even figured out how to keep the chicken rolls together without using kitchen twine! That alone is worth sharing.

Tomorrow, I have a Running Foodie original biscotti recipe for you. It's my "everyday biscotti" recipe, unlike my holiday gingerbread biscotti. Stay tuned!


  1. So sorry to hear about your injury! At least you're injured during the hot, humid, icky part of the year, right? (((hugs))) Injuries suck no matter what. :-/

    1. I tried to console myself with that fact, but it didn't help. =(
      Thanks, though! Injuries aren't any fun, that's for sure.

  2. I can't try any of these recipes but I like the creative mind and the presentation. I hope you get better soon - don't rush it.

    1. Thank you, Arie. I'm trying not to rush it.

  3. sorry to hear you're injured! no fun. hope you have a speedy recovery!


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