17 May 2012

New Luna Fiber Bars Review

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Luna Fiber Bars review

I really like bars. They're good to have around for times when you don't plan ahead and are snackless. They usually last longer than homemade versions, and not all of them are as bad as a candy bar. I mean, I like my candy bars, but I know I can't always grab a Zero bar (the "zero" has nothing to do with the calories - I don't even know what about the bar it has anything to do with, actually) to tide me over because it won't. It's just as bad as my former habit of eating sugar from sugar packets when my blood sugar dips.

When the folks at Luna asked if I wanted to sample their new fiber bars before they hit the market, I said yes. I was curious about the new "soft-baked and fruit-filled" bar, and it came with the added bonus of fiber, folic acid, iron, vitamin d, and calcium, vitamins and minerals that are good for women. I tend to be deficient in iron, even when I take a supplement. So, bonus.

Luna Fiber Bars review

My box of bars included "postcards" with facts about fiber, how to implement exercise into your lifestyle, and things like that.

Each bar contains 7 grams of fiber, 11 grams of sugar, 4 grams of fat and are around 110-120 calories. Because of the low calories, one of these bars would be considered a light snack for me, but I thought the nutritional info was decent.

The bars are now available in stores nationwide, or can be found on Luna's website. The retail price is $1.39.

What I looked forward to the most was that Luna Fiber Bars are more cookie-like than the crisp rice base that makes up traditional Luna bars. It's not a texture I particularly care for in a bar and I tend to find them too sweet, so I don't gravitate toward Luna bars except as a last resort. (Meaning, I ran out of sugar packets.)

Luna Fiber Bars review

However, I loved these. The soft cookies, which reminded me of a soft ginger cookie, is speckled with coarse sugar that gives the bars a sweet little crunch. The cookie itself is moist and just a bit dense. There wasn't much fruit filling compared to other bars, but it works because the cookie isn't dry.

My favorite ended up being the peanut butter strawberry. Usually, I avoid peanut flavored bars because it's too overwhelming of a flavor, and I don't really like peanut butter to begin with. While this bar definitely did not lack the peanut flavor, it was nicely balanced with the soft cookie and strawberry filling that I really enjoyed it.

I've tried all three flavors and am satisfied with each one. If I'm looking for a bar I would definitely consider buying these in the future. It doesn't have the mineral-aftertaste like many healthy bars do and would satisfy my cookie cravings.


  1. The children won't be able to take the peanut butter strawberry bars to school.

  2. So tough to be a kid these days.

  3. I just tried the Chocolate Raspberry and LOVE it! They feel like a dessert cookie to me, but not too sweet. Can't wait to try the peanut butter strawberry next!

  4. I also LOVED the peanut butter Strawberry, but the Chocolate Raspberry is good also.


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