01 November 2011

New York City Marathon Week

ING NYC Marathon

It's that time of year New York City, and once again over 30,000 runners will be lined up on November 6 to run one of the world's most popular marathons, running through five boroughs and finishing in Central Park.

No, I am not running it. I am, however, covering the event. I was lucky to be chosen as one of New York Road Runners Social Media Reporters (and was even given a sweet t-shirt bearing the title!). Our goal is to capture the essence of what the marathon means to the participants, and to make the race approachable to both runners of all abilities, and spectators. Being the one who typically enters races, it was a different experience when I switched roles. The difference is that I knew what the mindset was of the racers, whereas some spouses, family members, and friends might not get it. I hope to show what it's about, and how it's not just an event for those who race.

I'm going to cover all the fun stuff, like the expo, possibly the Dash to the Finish Line on Saturday. If you're in the city, stop on by the Upper West Side Apple Store (1981 Broadway at West 67th Street) on Tuesday, November 1, at 7:00 p.m., where NYRR's digital technologies will give a presentation on "Running and Technology: Made for Each Other", where you can learn about how technology can aid your running.

ING NYC Marathon
ING NYC Marathon

During the meeting, we discussed our approach to capturing the heart of the marathon, what the overall goal was, and how best to achieve it. The meeting consisted of Ken and Britney, and bloggers local to the NYC area.

So stay tuned, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and keep checking back for more coverage! If you're finishing up your taper week, congrats, and stay strong.

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