27 September 2011



I'll be teaming up with PlanetGear.com to create a recipe for their new blog. Hopefully, I will be able to create a unique recipe that will make you excited for dinner. In conjunction with She Runs, She Eats and my recipe being featured, PlanetGear will host a giveaway for my readers.

PlanetGear.com offers limited, weekly discounts on major active and outdoor brands, such as IronGirl, TYR, and SurfTech. By signing up, you'll be eligible to shop their discounts and get some great deals.

This week, PlanetGear.com is partnering with FitBottomGirls to fundraise for Breast Cancer Awareness. For every new member on PlanetGear.com and "like" PlanetGear receives on their Facebook page, a dollar will be donated to the Breast Cancer Fund. It won't take much of your time, so please click through and help out!


  1. Oh, how exciting! This company looks awesome!!!

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